28 March 2012

Success - Can It Become Your Downfall?

Success For The Whole Person...  What Does It Look Like? 

Fellow writer and friend Matt Hofferth wrote a blog post about The Price Of Success that grabbed my attention.  With wisdom, Matt gives some straight talk about how we view success and what it means.

I love this quote by Albert Einstein.  I happened across it the other day while putting together my interview/guest post with Wander.  It weighed on my mind.  Then, a day or two later, Matt's post showed up.  Interesting enough, my ladies group has been talking on the subject of success as well.  So I thought, 'Okay...I'm meant to explore this a little more!'  Have you ever had a topic keep popping up like that? 

When asked what success meant to me, I took a few days to stew on it.  Success to me is using your G-d given talents and abilities to the best of your ability.  Here's the dictionary's definition -


  1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
  2. The attainment of popularity or profit.

What's your take on success?  What makes a person successful?  Matt had pointed out that a person can achieve success yet still be unhappy.  What Matt was conveying is that a person can achieve success in one part of life, yet be unsuccessful in other areas.

It can be easy to get caught up in one area of life.  When I'm in edits, it seems I've got my nose buried in my manuscript to the exclusion of most other things.  But I cannot allow, will not allow, writing to be the sole definition of me as a person.  There's a whole lot more...Ha.  As we all look ahead to a new Round Of Words In 80 Days on April 2, let's set our goals keeping this in mind - and strive to be people of value while working toward success. 

Best of luck in reaching your goals this upcoming round, everyone!  I'm excited to see what makes the lists.   

 ~ Nadja

21 March 2012

The End Of A Round

This Is The Last Check-In For This First Round In ROW80! 
But don't worry, the next round begins on 02 April, 2012. 

Signing up is easy, and you'll find loads of support and encouragement within 'A Round Of Words In 80 Days' ranks.  If you're a writer, you should consider joining!

Here's how I'm wrapping up the round...

*  Two ARC copies of The Third Fate went out last night for review!  I'm super excited/nauseous.  Ha!

*  One final proof read, okay...maybe two (I cannot help myself) and The Third Fate will publish at Smashwords and Amazon.  I'll have to wait for the kick off of Round 2 of 2012 to announce!

Her Dark Baron continues to exceed my expectations.  I don't want to leave it in the dust as I gear up for my new release.  (Silly, really, but I'm rather attached to the little novella - lol)

*  I will break after publishing for a week or two.  Then, it's time to get down to business on my next WIP, a historical.  Those stacks of research and brand-new notebooks are calling my name!  I'm so excited to start!

*  Here's where I could use some ROW help!  For my first two books, I set the price very low purposefully.  Being a new author with no name to speak of, I wanted to offer readers a inexpensive way to take a chance on a new author.  I'm still about keeping prices low.  But I've read a few articles that suggest setting your books' prices too low can actually harm sales and reputation - the premise being that when readers see an ultra-low price, they immediately question quality.  This has been weighing heavily in my thoughts as I prepare to publish.  My sister, who now refers to herself as my 'manager' ha!, thinks $2.99 - $3.99 for a novel is an appropriate price.  Not too high, not too low.  Still below average for better known authors.  How does pricing affect your purchase habits?  Do you love seeing that $1.99 price and snap it up?  Or, does a super-low price tag make you wary? 

*  Developing relationships with fellow writers has been one of my goals since beginning ROW80 last year.  The last two rounds have been so fruitful in that department.  I've gotten to know a few authors better and opened up myself.

Enjoy the break, fellow ROW's!  I hope to see you all in April!  Happy Writing...

~ Nadja

18 March 2012

An Interesting Question...And Sharing Talent

Welcome, ROW80s...
New visitor Wander posed an interesting question under a previous post...

Here is a question for you to ask on your next post: What brought you to this blog in particular, and why stay?

I had to link back to The Girdle of Melian after watching the video clip Deniz has posted of Blackadder -

And so on. But, in honour of all of us writers, here's Blackadder describing his magnum opus ("Edmund. A Butler's Tale. A huge, roller coaster of a novel in four hundred sizzling chapters. A searing indictment of domestic servitude in the eighteenth century, with some hot gypsies thrown in"), and Baldrick telling of his own 'magnificent octopus' ("Once upon a time, there was a lovely little sausage called `Baldrick', and it lived happily ever after."):
British comedy is some of my favorite.  Take a few minutes out of your day to appreciate....

Komal Lewis tagged me with the Sunshine Award!

Here are the rules:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and provide a link.
  • Write a post about it
  • Answer the questions below.
  • Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and let them know

Answer 10 Questions:

  1. Favorite color – I don't have a favorite.  I like them all.
  2. Favorite animal – Dog
  3. Favorite number – 22
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink - Hot tea - any kind almost.   
  5. Facebook or Twitter – Facebook.  I don't have a Twitter....really.
  6. My passion – Torah.  Reading and Writing come in a close second.
  7. Getting or giving presents? – I like giving presents, not getting them. I prefer to buy things for myself because I know exactly what I like. :)
  8. Favorite pattern – Uh...pattern? I'm not a pattern person (Are there pattern people?)....I left this answer the same as Komal...pattern people?? lol 
  9. Favorite day of the week – I like Saturday.
  10. Favorite flower – There are a few I really think are beautiful.  Tiger Lilly, Daisy, Queen Anne's Lace (even though it is technically a weed), Impatiens

I'd like to share a video of Asialena, a friend of my son and wonderful performer.  I'm happy to 'plug' this young woman's budding career....

    As for me...betas are coming in and I'm gearing up for my publish date.  It will be a busy week or so!  Have a great week everyone. 

     ~ Nadja

    15 March 2012

    The Lucky Seven Meme

    Medeia Sharif, YA author of 'Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.' tagged me...

    The rules:

    1. Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
    2. Go to line 7
    3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they're written.
    4. Tag 7 authors

    Here's my selection.  It's a quiet moment from my newest novel, The Third Fate, which will publish later this month!

    Pg.  77 ~
    Later this night, Paige would be sitting safely with her aunt and cousins, getting far away from this nightmare. Fear prickled, whispering that she wouldn't be able to outrun it.

    Checking her phone after a long, hot shower, Paige read the message from her boss, Barbara, relieved beyond belief that her vacation was not only approved, but encouraged. She didn't want fear of damaging her reputation at work hanging over her while she dealt with whatever was happening to her. Barbara might be a tough boss, but the woman had a kind heart underneath the no-nonsense exterior.

     ~ Nadja

    07 March 2012

    Insecure Writers For March And ROW80

    Hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh  The first Wednesday of the month brings Insecure Writers together....check it out!  There's no end to the variety - from the touching to the down right hilarious.  This Wednesday finds me in an odd place of opposing emotion.

    It's All About Balance
    My newest novel, The Third Fate, was sent out to beta readers very late the night before last.  Clicking that send button filled me with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Then I considered all the ways in which my wonderful betas might help me to sharpen my story, improve on my delivery, and I admit, even more excitement grew.  I'm not a patient person - did I mention that?  Waiting is a trial for me, but a necessary part of the process.  So....I wait. 

    Her Dark Baron, my historical novella, has done better than I ever imagined!  It's a big deal for me!  I've had some very encouraging feedback from readers - and some constructive criticism for future books given in a kind way.  Fantastic, right?  Yes!  But then... I read a review that literally ripped me a new ...er, ummm, 'skirt'...yeah, a new skirt.  (wink wink).  Oh, I'd been told to expect bad reviews.  I know that every book won't appeal to every reader.  I suppose I couldn't understand until I read that scathing assessment.  It felt so personal!  But it isn't.  It's business.  Once you realize that truth, and accept it, you get on much better.  It was a learning process for me - an unhappy lesson - but one I needed to learn.   

    A wise friend gave me the best advice.  'Do what you love.  Forget the rest.  Live life to the fullest so regret finds no home in your heart.'  It's a good motto to live by. I've heard from two camps on this issue - so, I ask....

    Do you follow your book(s) reviews or do you try not to get caught up with them?  

    In ROW80 News...

    The Third Fate is in the hands of beta readers....Yippee!

    *  I exercised only once this week.  But...my friend Sarah invited me to her finished basement where she is hosting a Zumba party later this week!  I'm really excited.

    *  Today, I'm fasting from dawn to dusk in honor of the Purim holiday, which begins at sundown tonight!  I've decided to say a blessing every time I think of food...It's eight-a.m. and I'm stunned at how many times already my mind has wandered to food.  Maybe G-D was onto something when he called himself the 'bread-of-life' and 'living-water'...heh heh.  (Not to be irreverent...just my humor filled observation)

    *  I'll indulge in some 'reading-for-enjoyment' the rest of this week!  I've got The Hunger Games and Pure waiting for me.  Ahhh...lovely.

    *  Fresh and ready to go by next Monday, if all goes well, I plan to begin serious research for the next novella, which will be another historical! 

    What about you?  Do you have a new project in the wings?  A WIP nearly complete? 

    Have a wonderful back-half to your week, everyone!  Happy Writing!

    ~ Nadja

    04 March 2012

    A Preference Here...A Preference There...

    Greetings on this fine Sunday fellow ROW80 friends! 

      This little e-card was posted on Facebook by my cousin, and I thought you'd all get a kick out of it!  I love the Musketeer Man showing off the text like some Vanna White...too funny.  I have cards with words such as your and you're; there, their, they're; which, witch....etc for my boys.  It's a pet peeve of mine to mix up words - although not too long ago I actually (blushes) used the word reign when I should have used rein!  So even an old girl can still mess up!

    Author Roz Lee, fellow member of BTS Bookclub, has a new release!  Buy Link for

     Under The Covers...

    Special Agent, Bree Stanton has big plans. As soon as she solves her current case, she's moving on, even if it means leaving her heart behind. Falling in love with Drew Whitcomb was never supposed to happen, but she has no intention of giving up her dreams for a guy who's content to spend his days judging lewd contests, and pining for his best friend's wife.

    Drew's job providing security for the Lothario's owners is the perfect cover. Keeping an eye on Bree isn't a hardship, but keeping his hands off her is more difficult. And convincing her to give him a chance is proving to be a mission impossible, given that she thinks he's still in love with his former partner, now his best friend’s wife. Drew is looking forward to the day he can show Bree the man under the cover, but until that day, he's going to do all he can to make sure she won't leave him when he does.

    Congrats, Roz!  Hope you encounter smooth sailing with your newest title...

    Progress on the Writing Front ~

    The Third Fate is finished!  I'm reading through to scan for any missed typos, mistakes, guffaws in translation, but this is the final stages!  Betas will receive my book in a few days.  I can't wait!  Exciting, exciting.

    I'm weeks away from publishing, and it feels fantastic! 

    In The News...

    Anyone not aware of the PayPal issue going on should read the following articles... 
    The EFF blogged about the issue a few days ago:  https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2012/02/legal-censorship-paypal-makes-habit-deciding-what-users-can-read
     Today, ABFFE and NCAC issued a press release:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/83549049/NCAC-ABFFE-Letter-To-PayPal-eBay-re-Ebook-Refusal-2012

    THE PROBLEM: (in an email from Mark Coker)
    PayPal is asking us to censor legal fiction.  Regardless of how one views topics
    of rape, bestiality and incest, these topics are pervasive in mainstream fiction.
     We believe this crackdown is really targeting erotica writers.  This is unfair,
    and it marks a slippery slope.  We don't want credit card companies or financial
    institutions telling our authors what they can write and what readers can read.
     Fiction is fantasy.  It's not real.  It's legal.

    My Thoughts...The biggest problem is that PayPal isn't denying authors the right to sell their material, they are simply refusing to be party to it.  This action mostly affects erotica authors.  I am not an erotica author; therefore, this action does not affect my books.  It would be easy to ignore the issue after logical thinking led to the above conclusion, but I don't believe it's that simple.  Who decides what is appropriate for PayPal to 'allow' as a transaction?  Right now it has to do with books that have content such as rape (wouldn't that exclude much of the romance genre from the 1970's - The Flame and the Flower, Kathleen Woodiwiss as one example, which is by the way a great romance even though it has a rape scene and many of Bertrice Small's books?)  Right now, I don't think so, but that doesn't mean PayPal won't include them (or exclude them as perspective dictates) in the future.  I'm not sure I think PayPal should have a hand in how their customers choose to spend their hard earned cash - obviously as long as it's a legal transaction.  

    The flip side of the argument is just as difficult to navigate.  PayPal is a company, not a legislative body.  PayPal is not trying to take these books off the market, nor to prevent sales through some other avenue.  Does anyone (including the government) have a right to MAKE PayPal participate in something that violates their principles?  

    In the end, I believe that the only way PayPal should be 'influenced' is through consumers.  If people are truly upset and unhappy over this decision, they won't use PayPal, thereby forcing the company to change its policy to remain profitable.  But they would still have a choice in the matter. 

    How do you weigh in on this 'weighty' issue?

    ~ Nadja