25 November 2012



of solitude, a
stolen moment
in time becomes
captive, tucked safely
amongst guarded memories. 

from long
imposed seclusion,
loosed, to unearth hidden
treasures, supressed desires
of the soul.

Alive anew, fate demands
her due, exacting
her toll in the mingling 
of pleasure and pain.

I'd forgotten.

 ~ Nadja

Forgotten © Nadja Notariani
November 2012

23 November 2012

Sharing New Ideas....

Hello!  The Creative Juices Begin To Flow....At Last!

This week, I had the opportunity to indulge in something I've been desperately missing!  Brainstorming!  A kernel of an idea has been rattling around in my brain...amongst various other things that I'd rather have kicked to the curb.  Alas! *sighs and rolls eyes* That's not the way life works...at least for us adults.

But!  There's always a pearl to be gained from an irritating grain of sand.  And if we choose to seek gems rather than rocks, that's what we'll find.  Fellow author and dear friend, Wander, has been patiently awaiting my return to the writing table, and today I'll share a song (with accompanying video) that sparked my imagination within that aforementioned idea kernel.  Character profiles...here we go!  I'll be loosely collaborating with Wander as I piece together a new story - and his perspective will be invaluable as I take on a new challenge.  No shy wallflower heroine in this new story!  Uh-uh, no.  Brazen is the word for the day.  But brazen is often a mask...and every suspected villain-ess has a story which needs telling.

As I set out on a new writing adventure....take a minute to enjoy this fantastic song by Within Temptation.  I love the 'gothic and otherworldly' feel to this video.  It supplies some much needed inspiration for this new and wholly different storyline.

~ Nadja


03 November 2012

A Moment To Spare...And Other Sundries

Caught my breath on this fabulous Friday!  I have taken to speaking aloud the cliche....T.G.I.F!  And I mean it whole-hearted!  Phew.  Day job kicked this Chickie's toukas the first few weeks.  It was a T.K.O. for sure.  I am officially a banker - I bank.  (Conjures 'What About Bob?' for a quick giggle).

DD#2 is on her way!  I heard her voice this afternoon for the last time until her ship returns from deployment.  I smiled.  I laughed.  I cried. 
I told her I love her.  I begged her to be safe.  A piece of my heart travels with her.

How are you all getting along?

Span Of A Breath

Inhale.  Eyes
closed, energy simmering
beneath the mask of
flesh and bone. 

Exhale.  Lids flutter
open.  Light gently, surely
overtakes the darkness
at dawn.

Lips part, a subtle
smile overcomes sleepy
haze.  A new chance
to live.

© Nadja Notariani 2012


Eyes of the beholder
feast; grey and green converge,
an unspoken utterance.

Lovers' hands
twine, rough flesh against soft
a quiet warmth.

Hearts' intentions
align, birthing a
of souls.

In this moment, I become beautiful.

© Nadja Notariani 2012