17 July 2013

The Sweetest Things

Writing progress has been slow this week.  By last evening, my seven-day-work-stretch left me *brain-fried*. Ha!  I stared at my pages, managed a few sentences, and ended up staring at television with Darling-Son-#1 and his girlfriend (I may re-name her DS#1'sDG - Darling-Son-#1's-Darling-Girlfriend ...or some such silly nickname/tag to keep all these people straight for readers.  Ha!).  It was a fabulous MMA marathon!  I did watch a number of fantastic fights. *Barbarian-At-Heart*  Darling-Daughter-#1 stopped in, adding to our number in the best way.

What I do know is this.  I have the most amazing children.  We talked, laughed, and enjoyed one another's company last evening with such ease and comfort.  We have endured many hardships, and open and honest discussion about those trials made me realize that however brutal they were, they strengthened the bond between us.  We are a safety net for each other - and within the walls of our home we find refuge together.  I am so proud to see they've taken to heart one of my treasured life lessons/philosophy.  Laughter, surely, is the very best medicine. Ahhh...the sweetest things.    

Darling-Daughter-#2 is back in Hawaii; deployment is ended!  To be able to talk on the phone, text whenever I find something humorous to share, and see her many photos posted on Facebook is sweet, indeed!  I have missed her so much.  A few short years ago, I felt little need to have a cell-phone - let alone a *Smart-Phone!* (I was still in the dark ages...bahahaha).  Now, it is a lifeline between daughter and mother.

I've had little time to sit and gab with my best girlfriends of late.  Carving out some girl-time this week was invaluable.  I also learned that a very dear friend will be in soon for a visit!  *Cannot-wait!*  The BFF and I cracked open a bottle of my Darling-Dad's homemade *Old-Vine-Zinfandel* ...and well!  Let's say a good time was had!  We laughed like ninnys, purging ourselves of negativity with dark hilarity and discussing the most delicious things that only BFF's can.  Sweet.

Temperatures will rage this day in NEPA, reaching the mid-to-high 90's.  Phew!  A friend generously invited us over to keep cool pool-side, so Darling-Sons, DS'sDG, and I will head over in a couple hours.  Relief will be ours!

Hope you all have a terrific day!

 ~ Nadja

10 July 2013

On The Writing Front ~ Character Profiles

This is one Happy Writer!  

In my last post, I set a goal to complete my heroine's profile packet by the end of the week.  Two nights spent in *Nadja's World* has paid off.  Miss Juliana Adele Paxton has quirks, mannerisms, family relationships, temperament, and history mapped out on what used to be blank pages.  Today I begin the same process on the hero, Mikhail Zakarov.  I hadn't expected to progress so ...so fluidly.  Smiles mark the occasion.  

Character development interests me a great deal.  Authors seem to have such varied means to reach the same end.  What works for me may seem awkward or overwhelming or lacking to another.  Yet we all strive for the same goal, well developed characters.  I am amazed at the ability of some to begin writing and let the character develop as the story unfolds!  I've plugged this book before, and happily do so again..

Outlining Your Novel, K.M. Weiland is a fantastic resource.  The proof is in comments from readers.  They loved the results!  Evangeline Grey, her mother Opal, and the delicious Thomas Masterson came to life through the employment of Weiland's wonderful suggestions.  I heartily recommend this book.  

How does the process unfold for you?  Have a resource to recommend?  Leave a comment and I'll be glad to post a list of fellow author's favorite writing resource tips/books.  

I'm off to complete the domestic duties for the day.  I'll zoom through - anticipating my evening curled up with notebook and pencils.  Mikhail....  Hmmm.  What a nice thing to look forward to.  
 ~ Nadja

08 July 2013

Switching Gears

Hi to all!  It's my Friday *WOOT!* so I'll be transitioning from banking balances, cashier's checks, and the world of numbers to Nadja's World, my cozy, comfy writing cave where I'll replace those numbers with letters, phrases, and the subjectivity of writing.  I'm so looking forward to my hours in the still quiet with my notebook and pencils.

This week, I plan to finish up my heroine's profile packet.  This will be a challenge, as I have a very busy work schedule after two *TWO!* glorious days off.  A day trip to a local lake beach will promote relaxation with my boys before my crazy return to work also.  Catching some sun next to the water sounds like a perfect way to *feel* summer...

A few new friends were found on Goodreads this past week, and I found out that The Historical Romance Critic  (Chris' reviews are found at Goodreads, but his blog has many wonderful reviews as well!) will read A Practical Arrangement ... (all smiles!)  I have done little promotion on my books, but have built on relationships, so I'll count it as a successful week.

Happy Monday!

  ~ Nadja

03 July 2013

Plagiarism And The Modern Author

Hi, all!  Can you believe tomorrow is the 4th of July already?  Where is the summer going?  My boys finished up school late this year, having only begun their summer vacation a little over two weeks ago.  But it seems once Independence Day passes, summer fun flashes by in the blink of an eye.

Happy Independence Day!  

Today I am posting a link to Ruth Ann Nordin's post, We Are All Vulnerable To Plagiarism.  Her article on this recently-on-the-front-topic captured my interest, prompting me to ask her permission to share.  She generously agreed.  Her explanation of copyright and how to 'protect' your work before (although I am to understand James' work is protected) you ever find yourself in James' position is something worth looking into.  It is a shame authors must take such precautions, but having a legal standing should such a thing happen to your work.. enough said.  This is a topic I admit to having little knowledge of, and I wonder if many Indie-authors are as naive as myself, never imagining someone would have the audacity to carry out such a deception.  I suppose that is my biggest flaw - I don't consider or expect the worst out of people; therefore, when I encounter it I am wholly surprised.  Unfortunately, as authors we live in a world where we must face the fact that there are those who will (and have!) attempt to publish another's work.  

I followed Lorelei James' ordeal, reading and sharing the outrage of many fellow authors - and readers as well!  How awful.  To pour one's self into a story...and then to see it posted - with another individual claiming credit - well, this author would see RED.  That anyone would steal another's hard work is disturbing.  I am sorry for her troubles and wish all the best for Lorelei James.

 ~ Nadja