03 July 2013

Plagiarism And The Modern Author

Hi, all!  Can you believe tomorrow is the 4th of July already?  Where is the summer going?  My boys finished up school late this year, having only begun their summer vacation a little over two weeks ago.  But it seems once Independence Day passes, summer fun flashes by in the blink of an eye.

Happy Independence Day!  

Today I am posting a link to Ruth Ann Nordin's post, We Are All Vulnerable To Plagiarism.  Her article on this recently-on-the-front-topic captured my interest, prompting me to ask her permission to share.  She generously agreed.  Her explanation of copyright and how to 'protect' your work before (although I am to understand James' work is protected) you ever find yourself in James' position is something worth looking into.  It is a shame authors must take such precautions, but having a legal standing should such a thing happen to your work.. enough said.  This is a topic I admit to having little knowledge of, and I wonder if many Indie-authors are as naive as myself, never imagining someone would have the audacity to carry out such a deception.  I suppose that is my biggest flaw - I don't consider or expect the worst out of people; therefore, when I encounter it I am wholly surprised.  Unfortunately, as authors we live in a world where we must face the fact that there are those who will (and have!) attempt to publish another's work.  

I followed Lorelei James' ordeal, reading and sharing the outrage of many fellow authors - and readers as well!  How awful.  To pour one's self into a story...and then to see it posted - with another individual claiming credit - well, this author would see RED.  That anyone would steal another's hard work is disturbing.  I am sorry for her troubles and wish all the best for Lorelei James.

 ~ Nadja


  1. I'm like you, Nadja, I tend to see the best in people. Then we get disappointed, don't we? :( I can't believe this kind of thing happens, but it does.

    Isn't Ruth the sweetest person ever? :)

  2. I try to see myself as a realist but know that I'm such a hopeful optimist inside that I set myself up for disappointments. I suppose I don't see why someone would do such a thing when there's so much out there to write about in so many different ways.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday :-)

  3. Well, at least I know I'm not alone in my perspective...lol.

    @ Lauralynn Ruth is great - and I was so happy she allowed me to share her links. How are things with the missing pup? Is Chipper settled in and happy to be home?

    @ Angela I'm with you! There are so many stories...so many trails to take within one story - gosh! who needs to do that sort of thing! I suppose it's lazy people who would.

    And thanks, I had a wonderful 4th! Picnic with my family and fireworks with my boys later on. I ate way too much...lol. But I enjoyed it ...every bite! :)
    What did you all do?