22 June 2013

A Case Of Perspective?

This Day

A day flows by,
one flash in the pan
of life.  Tomorrow
holds better, some aver.

A week disappears,
seven spans linked
together, lost to
yesterdays for many.

A month becomes two,
time lost to nothing
but time, half a year

In the stillness, I dream.
Today is good, I embrace it,
drinking in all it may offer, both quenching
my thirst and burning
my lips.
For tomorrow remains yet unknown,
and yesterday is a memory.

~ Nadja

Well!  What brings this poetic silliness?  My own observations.  What compels one to dwell on things past, to exist in limbo waiting for that 'good day' to come, while another accepts with appreciation of lessons learned, looking forward, eager and expectant toward what this good day will bring? 
This is the psychology I've pondered over the week.  Are some individuals 'wired' to experience emotion more intensely...or is it simply perspective?  Does the ability to freely 'let the past be the past' indicate lesser emotion, a lack of feeling?  Hmmm...food for thought, fellow writers! 

© 2013 Nadja Notariani, This Day        


  1. I don't know the answer to such a deep and profound question, though I wish I did.

    I may be one "wired with explosive emotions." So I let it be known how I feel or felt about yesterdays while gathering the lessons learned - with a smile - for a better day on the morrow.

  2. I don't know the answer, either. But I do know I'm a total optimist (although it's challenging sometimes), and I always look forward to tomorrow to see what awesome adventure it holds.

  3. So interesting a question...

    I tend toward letting the past stay in the past, although I am a proponent of walking away with lessons learned. I do not dwell on things past...they are what they are...