03 June 2013

Adventures In Self-Discovery

I've been on extended hiatus...due to *ahem* life changing events.  For months I struggled to read, to be creative in any way. Adapting to my *new* life - accepting things beyond my control - finding the will (and the desire) to forgive stole my time, my energy, my attention.  Pushing through to write was simply...not working.  So, I set aside my pencil and notebook.  And began living again.

A few interesting things happened along the way.

I started a contemporary story.  I started a fantasy/supernatural story.  I waffled.  I hemmed and hawed.  I stuttered.  The words would not come.  I railed.  I shouted.  I felt discouraged.  And then, I picked up my most recent novel ...  and read it.  Understanding dawned, so incredibly simple, which I should have known all along.  Historical romance is my genre.   It is what I love to read...and it dominates the ideas rattling around in my brain.  My characters speak formally.  My characters want to be prim and proper.  (Well, outside of the bedroom, anyhoo!)  Write what comes naturally...else be prepared for a hard road to hoe.  To quote that famous (or infamous) utterance of late - 'Ain't nobody got time for that!'  Phew.

The realization that I enjoy working outside of my home hit me like a thunderbolt, er, once I settled into a routine and gained my bearings.  Smart and sassy suits, heels, nail polish, and accessories are a great deal of feminine fun.  I may have become *stylish*!  Who'd have thought it...  Ha!  

Love, sweet and elusive pleasure that it is, stole into my life.  An adventure of the best sort...

Discovering myself anew is challenging.  Fulfilling.  Exciting.  Picking up the pieces, taking control of my life, and embracing it wholeheartedly, I'm anticipating good things.

On The Writing Scene

Reviews are piling up, and I'm thrilled with what readers have to say about A Practical Arrangement.

With little to no promotion since my initial book tour, and lack of promotion on my other novels, I happily report steady - and climbing sales!  I thank the *romance gods* and die-hard readers.  Thank you!

Over the next week, I want to organize a manageable plan of action for at least some promotion.  I also will set aside a small writing time for each day.  This is non-negotiable.  I will give myself a kick in the pants...and ask my children to help out (which they will be more than glad to do!).

~ Nadja


  1. Hey Nadja,
    Glad to see your time away has been a plus for you. It often takes stepping away to regain those bearings to get back into some sort of swing of things. :-)

  2. It has been a plus, Angela. Thank you. So much has happened, so much has changed. For awhile there...I felt as if I spent too much time on one of those spinn-y rides at a cheap carnival! Ugh. hahah
    I'm anxious to set goals, hit them, and write something I fall in love with.

  3. I'm SO glad you're back! I've been thinking about you and wondering how you were. I didn't email because the last time you didn't answer, so I figured you were still trying to adjust to everything.

    I agree with you about historical romance. That's where you SHINE. And it's been a popular genre throughout the years, even when other genres have gone in and out of popularity.

    I'm happy to see that you're getting it together and good things are coming your way. I've missed you. I wish for you all the happiness in the world!

    1. Lauralynn,

      Thank you SO much! Uhhh, yeah...I dropped off the grid for awhile. Getting my self in order consumed me! HA!

      Now...I have to get a great story-line in the works. I've finally reached a point where I feel able to imagine. It's quite a nice feeling. I will take is slow and easy.

      How have you been? I've missed you as well, and look forward to catching up via email. ~ Nadja

  4. I'll second LLE, glad you're back. I totally know how it feels when life throws a giant curveball and you just can't write. Writing just takes so much emotional energy (it's not just a time thing!), and there was a severe shortage of that for me for a bit.

    The great thing about being a writer is that even when you're not writing... you're still writing. I prefer to think of the "going out and living" part as "content gathering mode. Experience will only help your stories!

    Good luck getting back in the swing of things!

    1. Content Gathering Mode - evermore referred to as CGM here...lol.
      Glad to see you're still lurking even after my absence, Matt! And glad you are writing away. :}

  5. I hoped when I saw movement on goodreads that you were back up and blogging!!! And here you are! I'm so happy! I've missed all my ROW80 friends. (Although, I've been absent myself of late). I'm so happy for your success and I hope that your new story idea pans out.

  6. I've missed all my ROW80 friends as well, Kate. It's great to 'see' you. lol.
    Thanks for the encouragement and congrats. At last, at last! I've got the itch to write...and imagine. Ahhhh...hahahah