19 January 2013

When The Weekend Is Mid-Week.....

Happy Weekend!

That being said, I confess that this Saturday was a work day for me...tomorrow is as well.  Phew!  Lol.  But I'm coming up on two days off in a row...(talk about your Christmas miracle?!)  A road trip, laundry (Oh!  The Laundry!) and dust bunnies will consume my 48 - hour reprieve from the world of finances.  So...some fun and some domestic ... er, bliss (I don't know if I can go that far...) will mark my upcoming days.

What does this weekend/upcoming week hold in store for you? 

 ~ Nadja



  1. Gotta love those national holidays, huh? The hubby has Monday off, too. I'm very excited.

  2. I don't get this holiday off. :( But I had a good Saturday hanging out at home with my son, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend's daughter who calls me "mimi". :) Sometimes being with family is the best weekend one can have.