30 September 2013

Autumn Ambition

Happy Fall! 

 Fiery hues littered across tree-covered mountainsides make my heart sing, and autumn in NEPA always delivers a spectacular show. The leaves are just beginning their transformation. This season brings about my return to the kitchen, with soups, pastas, pumpkin and cinnamon filling my home with mouth-watering aromas.  An additional benefit of the season (for me) is the desire to curl up with notebook and pencil.  School days necessitate my schedule be ship-shape.  Oddly, the more I have to accomplish, the more organized I become, which brings about even greater productivity.  With that being said, I've (finally!) devised a set of goals - and am brave enough to post them.  Here goes.

*  Complete 10 remaining chapters in current historical novel.

*  Title historical novel.

*  Begin image search for cover design and submit to the fabulous Elaina Lee at ForTheMuseDesign.

*  Outline a contemporary novella.

I've got big dreams; an adventure is in the making...

12 September 2013

The Essence Of A Broken Heart

Good Morning Fellow Readers And Writers!

In my current WIP, Julianna, my heroine, must suffer the turbulent emotions of a broken heart.  Capturing the essence of heartbreak with words is a mighty endeavor...lol.  Each of us experiences this pain differently based on personality, past experience, world-view, and concurrent circumstances!  If all else in life is going along smashingly, a broken heart is merely one negative amid much happiness; however, in poor Julianna's journey she must face what she believes to be her family's betrayal and abandonment as well.  Conjuring these volatile emotions and capturing them within words is the challenge of the week for this author.  

Has your heart ever been broken?  What emotion(s) prevailed?  What brought you peace and enabled you to move forward?  Feel free to share the good, bad and ... downright ridiculous!  (And a dark sense of humor is welcome, too! Ha!)

While I subscribe to this way of dealing with a broken heart...my heroine will take a much different approach.  Enjoy a blast from the past with White Lion's Broken Heart...

 Wish me success as I head off to Nadja's World  (my best loved writing spot)...and explore The Essence Of A Broken Heart.

 ~ Nadja

30 August 2013

Labor Day Week Celebration!

In honor of hard work...

Romance readers work hard so we may steal away a few hours lost in stories with HEA's.  In honor of all our hard work (and my birthday!)  I'm offering a special promotion beginning tomorrow!  Grab up A Practical Arrangement for only $0.99 this week.  Paranormal romance more your thing?  Check out The Third Fate - it's also available for $0.99!

A Practical Arrangement, Nadja Notariani

Happy Labor Day...and Happy Reading!

 ~ Nadja

29 August 2013

Researching For Romance: Russian Organized Crime

Good Morning All!

Welcome to Researching For Romance Writing, a weekly meme where I feature my latest finds.  Please feel free to share any links or tips you think will add to the discussion.  Happy Researching!

Russian Organized Crime

The volume of material I've perused on this topic is astounding, and at times, contradictory.  Origins of organized crime in Russia are explored vaguely.  It is not until the 1800's that a discernible/researched system of order is reported.  Until the mid 1800's, the collective groups of *organized* criminals were often viewed by the peasants (who comprised the largest segment of the population) as Robin-Hood type saviors.  Their opposition of wealthy landowners and government bolstered their popularity with the poorest of Russian society.  Also interesting in my reading, Russian criminal groups were not founded primarily on ethnicity.  I found this rather intriguing since such wide variance of ethnic groups comprised the large country.  

Rank, nobility (I use this term lightly when discussing Russian history, as their definition and acknowledgement of the term was quite different than what was accepted in England), and lineage did not recommend, nor preclude, membership within organized crime.  In fact, the Russian *nobility* was so confusing by the mid 1800's that a prince could be penniless and rather unimportant while a wealthy colonel could hold a position of great influence. We see this oddity within the pages of Tolstoy's War And Peace

It is after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 that organized crime in Russia solidifies into what we understand today.  Again, there are contradictory reports.  One view is that organized crime elements supported the Bolsheviks against the government and worked in tandem with the new government - at least the corrupt limbs.  This would be plausible as crime needs the government to *look the other way* in certain instances!  But other articles claim organized crime opposed any and all government.  I read one account that Lenin himself was robbed by highwaymen, and swore to wipe them from existence.  Obviously, he failed in that endeavor.  Life after the Bolshevik Revolution remained horrible for the poorest Russian people, and actually became worse with food requisitioning.  Organized crime flourished.  

The period I write about in my latest novel is well before the Bolshevik Revolution.  This allows me wide freedom to craft my back story for Mikhail, his introduction to the criminal underworld, and his position in society.  All in all, this was a fascinating topic of research.  Please feel free to comment or note an interesting article you found on the subject - and thanks for stopping by.  

 ~ Nadja


27 August 2013

NEPA Blogs: PA Live! Blog of the Week: Nadja Notariani, An Aut...

NEPA Blogs: PA Live! Blog of the Week: Nadja Notariani, An Aut...: NEPA Blogs will be presenting a "Blog of the Week" on WBRE's   PA Live!  every Tuesday.   PA Live!  airs weekday afternoons o...

25 August 2013

Final Days Of Summer Vacation

Good morning!  

Sunday brings a new week to us all, and this particular Sunday we will celebrate my dad's birthday (which was yesterday!) by grilling out and visiting.  This is all after work - which, yes, I must get ready for in the next half hour.

Mikhail's character profile packet is nearly complete, and I must say this new hero of mine is quite fun to create.  I have a line of sticky tabs to research along his background!  The back story I crafted for this man is altogether different from any other I've written - and involves a realm I had limited knowledge of.  What fun!  This section of writing will be completed in the next week, and then chapter outlining... :}

With school days back in swing after Labor Day, I will have more time to write on weekdays.  And speaking of back to school... my boys are nearly ready.  Pants, boots, socks, boxer-briefs, shirts, backpacks...OH MY.  What's left on our *to-do* list?  Haircuts and school supply shopping.  Whew!  I'll be glad to have it all accomplished.  I remember excitement brewing as a new school year approached, but my boys are mourning the loss of summer abandon with great sorrow.  Ha!

Hope you all are happily writing away, reading away, and relishing the final days of summer heat and freedom.

~ Nadja

07 August 2013

Update: On The Run

Happy August!

It's been a busy two weeks...  Our branch manager fractured her elbow - badly enough to require surgery!  Our assistant branch manager had oral surgery.  Everyone is going on vacation.  These events conspire to leave us understaffed, so my work hours overfloweth...ha!  I'm on an eight day stretch currently (yes...I said eight.  ) ... and eagerly look forward to days off.  The extra time will translate into back-to-school-shopping--funds! I've had little time for writing - but I have managed to write something every day.  My hero character profile packet is filling up.  Mikhail...  I'm digging him.  :)

It feels more like autumn than in-the-throes-of-summer here in NEPA.  The days have been quite beautiful; the nights downright chilly.  Perfect sleeping weather.

Hope you all are having a great week.  I'm living the life..Ha!   ~ Nadja

17 July 2013

The Sweetest Things

Writing progress has been slow this week.  By last evening, my seven-day-work-stretch left me *brain-fried*. Ha!  I stared at my pages, managed a few sentences, and ended up staring at television with Darling-Son-#1 and his girlfriend (I may re-name her DS#1'sDG - Darling-Son-#1's-Darling-Girlfriend ...or some such silly nickname/tag to keep all these people straight for readers.  Ha!).  It was a fabulous MMA marathon!  I did watch a number of fantastic fights. *Barbarian-At-Heart*  Darling-Daughter-#1 stopped in, adding to our number in the best way.

What I do know is this.  I have the most amazing children.  We talked, laughed, and enjoyed one another's company last evening with such ease and comfort.  We have endured many hardships, and open and honest discussion about those trials made me realize that however brutal they were, they strengthened the bond between us.  We are a safety net for each other - and within the walls of our home we find refuge together.  I am so proud to see they've taken to heart one of my treasured life lessons/philosophy.  Laughter, surely, is the very best medicine. Ahhh...the sweetest things.    

Darling-Daughter-#2 is back in Hawaii; deployment is ended!  To be able to talk on the phone, text whenever I find something humorous to share, and see her many photos posted on Facebook is sweet, indeed!  I have missed her so much.  A few short years ago, I felt little need to have a cell-phone - let alone a *Smart-Phone!* (I was still in the dark ages...bahahaha).  Now, it is a lifeline between daughter and mother.

I've had little time to sit and gab with my best girlfriends of late.  Carving out some girl-time this week was invaluable.  I also learned that a very dear friend will be in soon for a visit!  *Cannot-wait!*  The BFF and I cracked open a bottle of my Darling-Dad's homemade *Old-Vine-Zinfandel* ...and well!  Let's say a good time was had!  We laughed like ninnys, purging ourselves of negativity with dark hilarity and discussing the most delicious things that only BFF's can.  Sweet.

Temperatures will rage this day in NEPA, reaching the mid-to-high 90's.  Phew!  A friend generously invited us over to keep cool pool-side, so Darling-Sons, DS'sDG, and I will head over in a couple hours.  Relief will be ours!

Hope you all have a terrific day!

 ~ Nadja

10 July 2013

On The Writing Front ~ Character Profiles

This is one Happy Writer!  

In my last post, I set a goal to complete my heroine's profile packet by the end of the week.  Two nights spent in *Nadja's World* has paid off.  Miss Juliana Adele Paxton has quirks, mannerisms, family relationships, temperament, and history mapped out on what used to be blank pages.  Today I begin the same process on the hero, Mikhail Zakarov.  I hadn't expected to progress so ...so fluidly.  Smiles mark the occasion.  

Character development interests me a great deal.  Authors seem to have such varied means to reach the same end.  What works for me may seem awkward or overwhelming or lacking to another.  Yet we all strive for the same goal, well developed characters.  I am amazed at the ability of some to begin writing and let the character develop as the story unfolds!  I've plugged this book before, and happily do so again..

Outlining Your Novel, K.M. Weiland is a fantastic resource.  The proof is in comments from readers.  They loved the results!  Evangeline Grey, her mother Opal, and the delicious Thomas Masterson came to life through the employment of Weiland's wonderful suggestions.  I heartily recommend this book.  

How does the process unfold for you?  Have a resource to recommend?  Leave a comment and I'll be glad to post a list of fellow author's favorite writing resource tips/books.  

I'm off to complete the domestic duties for the day.  I'll zoom through - anticipating my evening curled up with notebook and pencils.  Mikhail....  Hmmm.  What a nice thing to look forward to.  
 ~ Nadja

08 July 2013

Switching Gears

Hi to all!  It's my Friday *WOOT!* so I'll be transitioning from banking balances, cashier's checks, and the world of numbers to Nadja's World, my cozy, comfy writing cave where I'll replace those numbers with letters, phrases, and the subjectivity of writing.  I'm so looking forward to my hours in the still quiet with my notebook and pencils.

This week, I plan to finish up my heroine's profile packet.  This will be a challenge, as I have a very busy work schedule after two *TWO!* glorious days off.  A day trip to a local lake beach will promote relaxation with my boys before my crazy return to work also.  Catching some sun next to the water sounds like a perfect way to *feel* summer...

A few new friends were found on Goodreads this past week, and I found out that The Historical Romance Critic  (Chris' reviews are found at Goodreads, but his blog has many wonderful reviews as well!) will read A Practical Arrangement ... (all smiles!)  I have done little promotion on my books, but have built on relationships, so I'll count it as a successful week.

Happy Monday!

  ~ Nadja

03 July 2013

Plagiarism And The Modern Author

Hi, all!  Can you believe tomorrow is the 4th of July already?  Where is the summer going?  My boys finished up school late this year, having only begun their summer vacation a little over two weeks ago.  But it seems once Independence Day passes, summer fun flashes by in the blink of an eye.

Happy Independence Day!  

Today I am posting a link to Ruth Ann Nordin's post, We Are All Vulnerable To Plagiarism.  Her article on this recently-on-the-front-topic captured my interest, prompting me to ask her permission to share.  She generously agreed.  Her explanation of copyright and how to 'protect' your work before (although I am to understand James' work is protected) you ever find yourself in James' position is something worth looking into.  It is a shame authors must take such precautions, but having a legal standing should such a thing happen to your work.. enough said.  This is a topic I admit to having little knowledge of, and I wonder if many Indie-authors are as naive as myself, never imagining someone would have the audacity to carry out such a deception.  I suppose that is my biggest flaw - I don't consider or expect the worst out of people; therefore, when I encounter it I am wholly surprised.  Unfortunately, as authors we live in a world where we must face the fact that there are those who will (and have!) attempt to publish another's work.  

I followed Lorelei James' ordeal, reading and sharing the outrage of many fellow authors - and readers as well!  How awful.  To pour one's self into a story...and then to see it posted - with another individual claiming credit - well, this author would see RED.  That anyone would steal another's hard work is disturbing.  I am sorry for her troubles and wish all the best for Lorelei James.

 ~ Nadja

22 June 2013

A Case Of Perspective?

This Day

A day flows by,
one flash in the pan
of life.  Tomorrow
holds better, some aver.

A week disappears,
seven spans linked
together, lost to
yesterdays for many.

A month becomes two,
time lost to nothing
but time, half a year

In the stillness, I dream.
Today is good, I embrace it,
drinking in all it may offer, both quenching
my thirst and burning
my lips.
For tomorrow remains yet unknown,
and yesterday is a memory.

~ Nadja

Well!  What brings this poetic silliness?  My own observations.  What compels one to dwell on things past, to exist in limbo waiting for that 'good day' to come, while another accepts with appreciation of lessons learned, looking forward, eager and expectant toward what this good day will bring? 
This is the psychology I've pondered over the week.  Are some individuals 'wired' to experience emotion more intensely...or is it simply perspective?  Does the ability to freely 'let the past be the past' indicate lesser emotion, a lack of feeling?  Hmmm...food for thought, fellow writers! 

© 2013 Nadja Notariani, This Day        

17 June 2013

Monday Musings

Beginning a new project is terribly exciting.  With my busy schedule, I'm employing tried and true methods.  My notebook, with its character profiles, research information, what-if pages (another 'thanks' to K.M. Weiland), and other sundries is my lifeline while planning a story.  My brain simply will not remember all the details and ideas I conjure.  Ha!  Character profiling for my new historical has me sifting through names, one of my favorite things!  I've narrowed my options.  I'm leaning toward Juliana and Mikhail for my heroine and hero.  <3

This past week was busy...and I mean BUSY!  My oldest son and I sealed the driveway and patched two dips, trying our hands at home maintenance.  Cold-Patch, giant rollers, and TAR.  ...um, yeah.  It looks fantastic, and handling the job felt good.  Yesterday was his seventeenth birthday.  Where did seventeen years go?  Oh my!  Darling Daughter #2 nears the end of her deployment.  I miss her so!  She's become quite well traveled, visiting Bahrain, Dubai, Philippines, and Guam to name a few.  She also became a Shellback....an accomplishment of the Naval Sort.  Haha.  School ended for my boys, and today was the first morning in a long while that I slept in.  It was sheer decadence to wake, roll over, and close my eyes for another half hour.  Today, I will paint my bathroom.  I've chosen a darker, bold color for the walls - a daring move for that particular room.  Ooh-la-la.  

I'd best get my buns in gear!  I've got things to accomplish.

 ~ Nadja

15 June 2013

Pleased As Punch

Good Morning!  Hope today finds you happy and healthy...and offers you a fabulous story to read, write, and enjoy!

It's Saturday - a day off for many - but not for this Chickie.  I finish up my work week tomorrow afternoon.  Now, I suppose you all are wondering why I would title a post *Pleased As Punch* and then babble on about work...(and rightly so!) but the truth is, I enjoy my job!  Add in a mix of terrific co-workers with a fantastic sense of dark humor...and *VOILA*.  Heading in to work becomes a treat.  (although the public can be...(ahem!) ...well, enough said about that!

Still, the reason for my cat-like smile this sunny morning (Finally!  Egads!  It's been raining and dreary far too long!) is something entirely other.  Last evening as I propped in my bed with the newspaper...lightening struck.  Okay, Okay...not literally (Thank Goodness!)  but in the *SHINY-NEW-IDEA* sort of strike!  Last week, I shared my utter lack of progress and creativity on two projects I'd attempted.  It left me a little down to be honest.  That elusive *fire* ...well, eluded me.  Busy and stressful circumstances left no room for all-things-romantic to smolder and ignite.  Life has a way of settling down.  You adapt.  You accept.  You grow.  I decided to set a few small goals - one being that I would write a little every day - no matter what.  Another was to focus on *my genre*, historical romance.  And so, here I sit, pleased as punch.

An entire story premise page has been scribbled down into a new notebook.  Sticky tabs mark character outlines.  I began my heroine's profile packet.  I feel eager and excited about writing in a way I've missed.
It's a good morning.

  ~ Nadja

09 June 2013

Lazy Sunday Morning

Not only is today Sunday, it's also a day off for me!  (I am *lucky* enough to work at the only bank in known Christendom to be open seven days a week....)

What will I do with these fine hours gifted to me?  Hmmm...  I will visit my father.  Go to breakfast with friends.  Cook a nice dinner.  But first, I'll spend a lazy Sunday morning lingering over coffee.  The birds are singing and the sun is shining after days of dreary, rainy, chilly weather.  It is so very nice.

I'm reading a new historical romance on my trusty Kindle, too!  I'm only two chapters in and already there has been a great exchange between the hero and heroine, which leads me to believe I'm in for a terrific read.  There is one odd twist to the story line revealed thus far...the heroine, although previously married (albeit briefly), is a virgin.  I don't know how I feel about this - so I'm quite anxious to discover how the author plans to explain this oddity and work its relevance into the forthcoming romance.

How will you spend this Sunday afternoon?  ~ Nadja

05 June 2013

Balancing Flawed Characters

In my most recent novel, I wrote a character with mental illness into the story line.  Readers have responded with great enthusiasm for this 'real character with real problems who wasn't put away'.  I'll admit, I was wary to craft Opal Grey so openly, concerned that her portrayal be balanced.  Opal, in her own way, does love her offspring, her husband, and her friends; mental illness distorts that love.  Families have issues.  Family members, while loving the afflicted, pay a price.  Addiction is another prevalent illness in society, often stuffed under the rug, hidden, covered-up - its effects on family deep-reaching and devastating.  The struggle is not only with the addiction itself, but the consequences of addictive behavior.  Poor financial decisions, erratic behavior, and betrayal plague spouse and children.  I plan to delve into addiction in a future novel - from multiple perspectives.

Reading is an escape, yet we need flawed characters to experience their story.  The art is in crafting balance - portraying a character with real problems while leaving their humanity intact.

What issues would you like to see explored through characters?        

                ~ Nadja

03 June 2013

Adventures In Self-Discovery

I've been on extended hiatus...due to *ahem* life changing events.  For months I struggled to read, to be creative in any way. Adapting to my *new* life - accepting things beyond my control - finding the will (and the desire) to forgive stole my time, my energy, my attention.  Pushing through to write was simply...not working.  So, I set aside my pencil and notebook.  And began living again.

A few interesting things happened along the way.

I started a contemporary story.  I started a fantasy/supernatural story.  I waffled.  I hemmed and hawed.  I stuttered.  The words would not come.  I railed.  I shouted.  I felt discouraged.  And then, I picked up my most recent novel ...  and read it.  Understanding dawned, so incredibly simple, which I should have known all along.  Historical romance is my genre.   It is what I love to read...and it dominates the ideas rattling around in my brain.  My characters speak formally.  My characters want to be prim and proper.  (Well, outside of the bedroom, anyhoo!)  Write what comes naturally...else be prepared for a hard road to hoe.  To quote that famous (or infamous) utterance of late - 'Ain't nobody got time for that!'  Phew.

The realization that I enjoy working outside of my home hit me like a thunderbolt, er, once I settled into a routine and gained my bearings.  Smart and sassy suits, heels, nail polish, and accessories are a great deal of feminine fun.  I may have become *stylish*!  Who'd have thought it...  Ha!  

Love, sweet and elusive pleasure that it is, stole into my life.  An adventure of the best sort...

Discovering myself anew is challenging.  Fulfilling.  Exciting.  Picking up the pieces, taking control of my life, and embracing it wholeheartedly, I'm anticipating good things.

On The Writing Scene

Reviews are piling up, and I'm thrilled with what readers have to say about A Practical Arrangement.

With little to no promotion since my initial book tour, and lack of promotion on my other novels, I happily report steady - and climbing sales!  I thank the *romance gods* and die-hard readers.  Thank you!

Over the next week, I want to organize a manageable plan of action for at least some promotion.  I also will set aside a small writing time for each day.  This is non-negotiable.  I will give myself a kick in the pants...and ask my children to help out (which they will be more than glad to do!).

~ Nadja

19 January 2013

When The Weekend Is Mid-Week.....

Happy Weekend!

That being said, I confess that this Saturday was a work day for me...tomorrow is as well.  Phew!  Lol.  But I'm coming up on two days off in a row...(talk about your Christmas miracle?!)  A road trip, laundry (Oh!  The Laundry!) and dust bunnies will consume my 48 - hour reprieve from the world of finances.  So...some fun and some domestic ... er, bliss (I don't know if I can go that far...) will mark my upcoming days.

What does this weekend/upcoming week hold in store for you? 

 ~ Nadja


16 January 2013

InD'Tale Magazine Reviews A Practical Arrangement!

Stop by InD'Tale Magazine to read the full review of A Practical Arrangement!  Fabulous!

....'The beauty of this story is in its telling - polished, clever and subtly told. “A Practical Arrangement” is recommended for its prose, surprising depth of story and a beautiful HEA. Nadja Notariani is an author to watch!'
Tammy Grant

Practical plans go awry when prim sensibilities unwittingly capture the heart of a scandalous seducer...

 ~ Nadja

Writing For Enjoyment, Reading For Kicks

Read To Write...Er, Right?

I hope this post finds all my friends in this online world happy, healthy, and hitting goals like champs!  I've been busily writing away on my newest romance, Finding Fidelity...and what a hoot it is.  Most of my strict structured writing process has flown out the proverbial window; I'm 'going with the flow' on this novel.  It's not speedy progress, but it is delightful to simply sit down here and there in stolen moments and put pencil to paper.

Interestingly, I've begun a new reading kick.  For the last few months, I've had little time to catch my breath...let alone pick up a book and submerge myself in a story! I'm happy to say this week has offered me some time to do just that.  Reading a good story is the best motivation....for me, anyway...to incite my yearning to write.  Go figure...but I'll take it.  LOL.

Does a new story/good story inspire any of you this way? 

It's been an extremely busy month.  While I've settled into *New Job*, there is something new to learn, a course to take, a test to pass nearly every week.  Added into the mix was a week long stay at the hospital for my youngest.  I happily note that he is home...and a healthy little boy.  Phew...nerve wracking. The Notariani is a thankful mom/writer/reader this January.  :)

Have a great week, all!  Hope to see you all around the blogs!

 ~ Nadja

06 January 2013

Top Ten of 2012 For A Practical Arrangement!

For The Love Of Reading's Top Ten Books of 2012 is featured in the January 2013 issue of BTS Magazine!  I'm thrilled to share that A Practical Arrangement is listed at #5!  Thank you to all the bloggers and readers who read and shared their thoughts.  You all are wonderful!

Coming September, 2012

۩ A Practical Arrangement, Nadja Notariani ۩

Miss Evangeline Grey, intelligent and sensible, has no desire to marry, her reluctance born from the dire warnings of her overly emotional mother. Her father has other ideas, however, and decrees that unless she weds by the spring, he will choose a husband for her.

Prim and proper Evangeline accepts her father's issue with little more than mild alarm. Knowing herself plain of face and sharp of tongue, she believes herself capable of warding off any perspective suitor. Her plan goes awry when the scandalous seducer, Mr. Thomas Masterson, visits her family's home, for Thomas has learned that he must procure a wife to receive his full inheritance.

When he discovers Evangeline's predicament matches his own, Thomas determines to orchestrate a practical arrangement. A war of wit and word results, and Thomas finds himself ever more beguiled by the soft heart he discovers under Miss Grey's stern, inhibited exterior. Patiently, he endeavors to gain her respect and awaken her passions. As tenuous trust blooms between the rake and the reluctant, unfortunate events – and Thomas' past reputation – threaten to destroy the peace and happiness he has found within the bonds of his Practical Arrangement.

 ~ Nadja

01 January 2013

Making Magic and Marking Time...

Happy New Year! 

Today ushered in a new year, 2013 to be exact.  Wow...2013?  While I contemplate how this can possibly be ...well, possible....I look forward to living the new year to the fullest.  Best wishes to all for a prosperous and peaceful year.

This author is four pages into plotting and 'what-if' pages on the fantastical magic laced world of a new story idea I mentioned a few weeks ago.  If you stole a peek at the music video that kicked my brainstorming into action (however slow it is coming along), you maybe grabbed the vibe....  It's different, but absolutely interesting!  Writing out a structured system of rules to govern magic within a storyline is proving a challenge.  I've got an ear 'trained to the world of fantasy and magic' at the ready to help me sort through this mess I've created...Hmmm.  Time to capitalize.  LOL.

I'm also a few pages into the writing of my newest romance, which is tentatively being called 'Finding Fidelity'.  I can't give much away at this point, because this story seems to be unfolding in new directions at every turn.  The only character profile packet I've developed is my main character, Francesca Davis DiCello...and she's positively 'hard to handle' as I attempt to pen her wild and wacky tale of self-discovery. 

New years often bring us to self-examination, resolutions, and a feeling of fresh starts.  I'm not much for resolutions, and it would seem I set out on my own fresh start about five months early.  But I wish everyone the best as they take on 2013...whether you've resolved to make changes or are perfectly content right where you are!

~ Nadja