15 June 2013

Pleased As Punch

Good Morning!  Hope today finds you happy and healthy...and offers you a fabulous story to read, write, and enjoy!

It's Saturday - a day off for many - but not for this Chickie.  I finish up my work week tomorrow afternoon.  Now, I suppose you all are wondering why I would title a post *Pleased As Punch* and then babble on about work...(and rightly so!) but the truth is, I enjoy my job!  Add in a mix of terrific co-workers with a fantastic sense of dark humor...and *VOILA*.  Heading in to work becomes a treat.  (although the public can be...(ahem!) ...well, enough said about that!

Still, the reason for my cat-like smile this sunny morning (Finally!  Egads!  It's been raining and dreary far too long!) is something entirely other.  Last evening as I propped in my bed with the newspaper...lightening struck.  Okay, Okay...not literally (Thank Goodness!)  but in the *SHINY-NEW-IDEA* sort of strike!  Last week, I shared my utter lack of progress and creativity on two projects I'd attempted.  It left me a little down to be honest.  That elusive *fire* ...well, eluded me.  Busy and stressful circumstances left no room for all-things-romantic to smolder and ignite.  Life has a way of settling down.  You adapt.  You accept.  You grow.  I decided to set a few small goals - one being that I would write a little every day - no matter what.  Another was to focus on *my genre*, historical romance.  And so, here I sit, pleased as punch.

An entire story premise page has been scribbled down into a new notebook.  Sticky tabs mark character outlines.  I began my heroine's profile packet.  I feel eager and excited about writing in a way I've missed.
It's a good morning.

  ~ Nadja


  1. I love the lightning-strike moment! It's so exciting! Good luck with the next steps in the process! :)

  2. Thanks so much, Emily! It feels great..and I'm ready for a little *great*. :}

  3. Shiney new ideas always have a way of brightening the day. Best of luck as you build the foundation for this story and work on bringing it to life :-)

    1. They sure do, Angela. Thanks!
      It's strange, because the idea for my last historical came about in the same way. Bam! There it was....:)

  4. It's nice to work with people you really like. I'm lucky that way, too. :)

    I'm so glad you got your FIRE back. And I can't wait to read your next historical romance.

    1. Working with people you like makes all the difference! I am so blessed to have a good work environment. Banking can be extremely stressful....one mistake can cost - and there is so much to learn..between banking regulations, procedures, fraud... you need co-workers who can make you laugh!
      Glad you have that in your workplace as well, Lauralynn!

      As for the FIRE... I'm happy, excited...and believe me...relieved! Ha!