09 June 2013

Lazy Sunday Morning

Not only is today Sunday, it's also a day off for me!  (I am *lucky* enough to work at the only bank in known Christendom to be open seven days a week....)

What will I do with these fine hours gifted to me?  Hmmm...  I will visit my father.  Go to breakfast with friends.  Cook a nice dinner.  But first, I'll spend a lazy Sunday morning lingering over coffee.  The birds are singing and the sun is shining after days of dreary, rainy, chilly weather.  It is so very nice.

I'm reading a new historical romance on my trusty Kindle, too!  I'm only two chapters in and already there has been a great exchange between the hero and heroine, which leads me to believe I'm in for a terrific read.  There is one odd twist to the story line revealed thus far...the heroine, although previously married (albeit briefly), is a virgin.  I don't know how I feel about this - so I'm quite anxious to discover how the author plans to explain this oddity and work its relevance into the forthcoming romance.

How will you spend this Sunday afternoon?  ~ Nadja


  1. Hi, Nadja. I spent Sunday at church, then at a nice restaurant with friends celebrating my husband's birthday. :) I'm so glad I don't have to work either Saturday OR Sunday. I NEED my weekends.

  2. Hope your Sunday was a joy and a half.
    I enjoyed church and then playing at carpenter with my daughter as we attempted to replace a towel bar for the bathroom.
    No such luck lol!
    And about that heroine previously being married and yet still a virgin...yeah...please do share how that happened when it is revealed.