07 August 2013

Update: On The Run

Happy August!

It's been a busy two weeks...  Our branch manager fractured her elbow - badly enough to require surgery!  Our assistant branch manager had oral surgery.  Everyone is going on vacation.  These events conspire to leave us understaffed, so my work hours overfloweth...ha!  I'm on an eight day stretch currently (yes...I said eight.  ) ... and eagerly look forward to days off.  The extra time will translate into back-to-school-shopping--funds! I've had little time for writing - but I have managed to write something every day.  My hero character profile packet is filling up.  Mikhail...  I'm digging him.  :)

It feels more like autumn than in-the-throes-of-summer here in NEPA.  The days have been quite beautiful; the nights downright chilly.  Perfect sleeping weather.

Hope you all are having a great week.  I'm living the life..Ha!   ~ Nadja


  1. Nice to see your moving along on your character sketches

  2. Always nice to have extra funds for shopping :-)

  3. Hi, Nadja,
    Hope you continue to get some writing done each day.

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