25 August 2013

Final Days Of Summer Vacation

Good morning!  

Sunday brings a new week to us all, and this particular Sunday we will celebrate my dad's birthday (which was yesterday!) by grilling out and visiting.  This is all after work - which, yes, I must get ready for in the next half hour.

Mikhail's character profile packet is nearly complete, and I must say this new hero of mine is quite fun to create.  I have a line of sticky tabs to research along his background!  The back story I crafted for this man is altogether different from any other I've written - and involves a realm I had limited knowledge of.  What fun!  This section of writing will be completed in the next week, and then chapter outlining... :}

With school days back in swing after Labor Day, I will have more time to write on weekdays.  And speaking of back to school... my boys are nearly ready.  Pants, boots, socks, boxer-briefs, shirts, backpacks...OH MY.  What's left on our *to-do* list?  Haircuts and school supply shopping.  Whew!  I'll be glad to have it all accomplished.  I remember excitement brewing as a new school year approached, but my boys are mourning the loss of summer abandon with great sorrow.  Ha!

Hope you all are happily writing away, reading away, and relishing the final days of summer heat and freedom.

~ Nadja


  1. Chipmunk shed a few tears the last day of summer camp, moreso because she would miss the new friends made. But when I took her to school this morning, she was nervous and excited. So was I...FOR her :-)

    I hope your boys' first day of school is a blast.

    And wishing your writing well as he move along with getting your characters together :-)

  2. Our school started about three weeks ago. It gets earlier and earlier. I'm glad I don't have to worry about that anymore. Although, I do miss my boys being school age. Things were so much simpler then....

    Good luck with your writing project. I hope you are doing better on yours than I am on mine. But today is a turning point for me! :)

  3. I always like when school starts after Labor Day. Summer heat re-appears in late August and early September, and summer doesn't get started until mid-June.

    My boys are vaguely excited with the approaching start of the new school year... mostly because they have new backpacks. Ha!
    Have a great writing day, Angela and Lauralynn!