16 January 2013

Writing For Enjoyment, Reading For Kicks

Read To Write...Er, Right?

I hope this post finds all my friends in this online world happy, healthy, and hitting goals like champs!  I've been busily writing away on my newest romance, Finding Fidelity...and what a hoot it is.  Most of my strict structured writing process has flown out the proverbial window; I'm 'going with the flow' on this novel.  It's not speedy progress, but it is delightful to simply sit down here and there in stolen moments and put pencil to paper.

Interestingly, I've begun a new reading kick.  For the last few months, I've had little time to catch my breath...let alone pick up a book and submerge myself in a story! I'm happy to say this week has offered me some time to do just that.  Reading a good story is the best motivation....for me, anyway...to incite my yearning to write.  Go figure...but I'll take it.  LOL.

Does a new story/good story inspire any of you this way? 

It's been an extremely busy month.  While I've settled into *New Job*, there is something new to learn, a course to take, a test to pass nearly every week.  Added into the mix was a week long stay at the hospital for my youngest.  I happily note that he is home...and a healthy little boy.  Phew...nerve wracking. The Notariani is a thankful mom/writer/reader this January.  :)

Have a great week, all!  Hope to see you all around the blogs!

 ~ Nadja

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  1. Right now, I'm inspired by music (always, always) and Kdramas. I know that seems silly, but something about the way they hit my brain inspires me.
    I'm not usually inspired by books, but if I read a really good one I want to be as good. They're something I aspire to. :)