03 November 2012

A Moment To Spare...And Other Sundries

Caught my breath on this fabulous Friday!  I have taken to speaking aloud the cliche....T.G.I.F!  And I mean it whole-hearted!  Phew.  Day job kicked this Chickie's toukas the first few weeks.  It was a T.K.O. for sure.  I am officially a banker - I bank.  (Conjures 'What About Bob?' for a quick giggle).

DD#2 is on her way!  I heard her voice this afternoon for the last time until her ship returns from deployment.  I smiled.  I laughed.  I cried. 
I told her I love her.  I begged her to be safe.  A piece of my heart travels with her.

How are you all getting along?

Span Of A Breath

Inhale.  Eyes
closed, energy simmering
beneath the mask of
flesh and bone. 

Exhale.  Lids flutter
open.  Light gently, surely
overtakes the darkness
at dawn.

Lips part, a subtle
smile overcomes sleepy
haze.  A new chance
to live.

© Nadja Notariani 2012


Eyes of the beholder
feast; grey and green converge,
an unspoken utterance.

Lovers' hands
twine, rough flesh against soft
a quiet warmth.

Hearts' intentions
align, birthing a
of souls.

In this moment, I become beautiful.

© Nadja Notariani 2012




  1. Hey Nadja! Glad to see you posting and sharing your beautiful poetry.

    Congrats on being a banker :-)

  2. There you are! I emailed you the other day. I didn't even know you had gotten a job, although I knew you were looking. I hope that all works out for you. It's a big adjustment, because I know what it's like to work full time and try to do everything else.

    Beautiful poems!

  3. Love those poems... never knew you wrote poetry. Just stopping by to check if you were around. Brillinat about the job - Hurrah. Takes you from writing, but give you experiential material for your writing (as well as income, and hey, we all need one of those, damn it!) X

  4. Missed you Nadja! Did I know that you wrote poetry? I'll have to add you to my books/poems read list :-)

  5. Thanks, ladies! I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things! Phew! lol.

  6. There you are! I've been checking back, occasionally, to see what's up with my favorite ROW writer. :)
    Congrats on the job! Glad you're getting back into your groove again.