02 October 2012

Just Three Things....

It's been two weeks since I last posted!  Where does the time go?  DD#2 will be home for a week - she's been delayed again! - but that is good news for me!  She will get to spend even more time at home before her deployment.  Book tour with IO, upcoming tour with FMB, job search and caring for home along with eight and nine year old boys has this writer spinning plates like a pro... well, maybe more like a novice...LOL. 

We'll just say it's been extremely busy. 

Reviews are coming in for A Practical Arrangement, and I'm walking around with a huge smile plastered on my face.  Of course, once the tours wrap up, I'll need to settle on my next project!  This is difficult...  I've got a few ideas waiting-in-the-wings, but no idea of which one is 'calling' to me.  Sigh. 

Creativity has been nearly non-existent in the last few weeks... it's a shit show here.  (I giggle every time I use that term...it's one of DD#1's favorite little sayings.  I've adopted it.  Ha!)  Here's to the return of ideas, daydreams, and plot lines...

I Love You; You Won't Mind If I...

Tell me three things
that made you uncomfortable
or irritated.  The words tumble without
meaning.  Syllable and speech launch their
assault on well constructed
ramparts, a feeble offensive.

Just three things.  A meagre request
to unseeing eyes, dull heart,
ears that cannot hear.
and irritating in its arrogance 
to one who begged.  
And so you have your first.

Just three things.  A generous request in
the mind's eye of the selfish soul. 
Magnanimous, humble
even, to the unaware.
Cunning and ruthless to the 
seasoned, experienced one
who gave until empty. 
And so you have your second.

Just three things.  An invitation
to the unsuspecting fool.  Emotive
and interested to the outsider.
A cruel snare to one who
long attended
alone, abandoned, unheard 
innumerable times.

I Love You; You won't mind if I take...
just three things.  And so you have your third.

~ Nadja


  1. nadja, brilliant. man can you write.


  2. I love your poem, Nadja! :) I hope life settles down for you a little.

  3. Your poem is very invocative. And may life find its rhythm for you very soon :-)

  4. Thanks, ladies!
    Phew...I hope life settles down a little also! :}

  5. That's beautiful, Nadja. I think I need to read it a few more times to fully understand:)

  6. Loving those words, that you are cool with enjoying life outside of blogging for a while and that your reviews are bringing smiles. Happy days Nadja. XX