13 July 2011

Checking In for ROW80 ~ 07/13/2011

Wednesday's updates and info......

Hello to fellow Round of Words in 80 Days participants!  Thanks for stopping by. 
If you're not familiar with ROW80, check it out.  It's a writer's challenge that lasts for....surprise....80 days.  Setting goals, networking, and accountability are just a few goodies to be had within the round. 

Goal updates......

I've been typing away!  I'm now beginning chapter 15 in Claiming The Prize!  This leaves only seven chapters to go.  I can't wait.  I plan to knock out a chapter a day, so by next Wednesday, the novel should be ready to be shipped off to my critique partner.  I stand in giddy excitement and, gulp, nervous anticipation. 

I haven't written anything in Her Dark Baron, but I did finalize the blurb!  Take a peek and let me know what you think.  It would be fun to have fellow participants offer a rating of these factors......1.  Steamy factor.  2.  Intrigue factor.  3.  Overall interest of the blurb. 

Blurb for Her Dark Baron ~

Scottish marauders, incensed at England's King Charles I and emboldened after achieving the upper hand in the Bishop's War of 1640, wreak havoc on the inhabitants of Northumberland, England, and Lady Mariel Hayes finds herself at the mercy of the land hungry Baron Harold Flanders after her father is killed in a border raid.  Powerless to save herself from being forced to wed the vile Flanders, Mariel prays for divine intervention.  But when her salvation comes, it proves more terrifying than comforting as Mariel learns that by order of the crown she is to wed the dark and mysterious Baron Gervace Daltry, known far and wide as the Hound of Hell.

Mariel seeks to accept this new life with her dark Baron, a man whose secrets haunt her even as his touch inflames her body.  But before her mind can reconcile the sinner she knows him to be with the seductive lover she willingly surrenders to, Mariel must confront the fears that whisper to her, as evidence mounts that her life may soon be forfeit, and decide whether to trust the man she begins to love, or betray the man rumored to be the Devil's instrument of destruction. 


There were a few blogs that captured my attention this week during my 'rounds'.  Check them out.

Matt Hofferth's On The Job Writing was a real treat, making me laugh out loud.  As a connoisseur of humor - all kinds - I appreciate a post that adds in a splash of humor. 

Kate's Pieces of Stars is always informative, and I found a few great links this week.  I especially enjoyed Red Adept Reviews, a site that reviews indie published authors. 

Lisey McGrath's Live Journal linked up to 'blasts from the past' in addition to updating her goals and chronicling the woes of air conditioning malfunctions. 

I also joined Goodreads ( I know....I'm behind the times).  In doing so, I came across a great book blogger hop that will be coming up The 18 & Over Book Blogger's Giveaway Hop.  Check it out.

Have a great week! ~ Nadja


  1. Congrats on your progress, and best of luck with your goal of writing a new chapter a day!

  2. Congratulations on your progress! And ooh, somehow I'd missed that you were writing in Charles I's time. Charles II is my favourite monarch :-) I've got two short stories on the back burner featuring the Earl of Rochester...

  3. The period of the English Civil War and what follows is such a fascinating time. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who loves this time period! I'd love to hear the details of those short stories....and the Earl of Rochester...hhmmm, sounds yummy. ~ Nadja

  4. Ohhhh! Friend me, friend me! I can bombard you with all my book reviews. hahaha

    Thanks for the mention, btw. :) I'm so glad you like Red Adept. I love them with much, much enthusiasm. hehehe

  5. Hey Kate, I sent you a friend request at goodreads...under Kate Copeseeley, Vino, CA. It's the only name that came up! Hope it's really you, .....haha! ~ Nadja

  6. I love challenges that keep me on track - great to hear about your progress with yours.

    Regarding your blurb (and I find blurbs really difficult, so I'm not the best person to advise!) I found there was plenty of interest - in both setting and characters - but that the sentences were quite long. It felt like it could be more catchy with a bit of extra editing.

  7. Thanks Rachel! I appreciate the input. Blurbs are difficult, aren't they? It's like the genie from 'Aladdin' claimed....."TREMENDOUS POWER (or in this case-tremendous amount of information)....in an itty-bitty living space". ~ Nadja

  8. Thanks Nadja! So far they're just playing-around ideas. One set in his time period, a romance, and the other a modern short story, another romance...