09 July 2011

Cover Love for Claiming The Prize........

Final Cover.........

Here it is!  This is the final cover for my novel, Claiming The Prize, due out in September, 2011. 

I am experiencing 'Cover Love' today thanks to the lovely Elaina!  My introduction to choosing images, design layout, colors, fonts.....etc. was absolutely fun and exciting.  Elaina Lee took my ramblings and thoughts and turned them into exactly what I had hoped for.  How terrific!

Here's the blurb for my first (woo-hoo) novel:

Claiming The Prize

Walking a solitary, disciplined path in his pursuit to become the light heavyweight champion of the American-Mixed-Martial-Arts-Organization, Drago Zadrovec leaves the security of his homeland to train in the United States.  But once within the exclusive MMA organization, Drago finds himself increasingly drawn to his mentor's daughter, Grace Antolini.  Quiet and gentle, yet thoroughly immersed in the world in which he exists, Grace captures his heart as firmly as his quest for the title, igniting a long buried passion inside the fighter.  Subjecting his body to the brutality of the cage and opening his heart to the woman he desires to share his life with, Drago comes to understand that his journey is comprised of more than want of victory in the ultimate goal of Claiming The Prize......

Thanks Elaina..........
~ Nadja


  1. We love her, don't we? It's cover love all over today. :)

  2. Magnificent cover! I love it, and can't wait to read it!

  3. Thanks so much! As you may be able to tell....I'm giddy today! ~ Nadja

  4. The cover is great! The blurb has me wanting to learn more... and I love the name Drago (Could be a Game of Thrones thing for me lol).

  5. Thanks Pam! I love the name Drago too....although when I chose it, I hadn't read a book with a hero with that name. Recently though, I learned of a newer release with a hero by the same name.....that didn't make me too happy...lol. ~ Nadja