16 November 2011

A Quick Check-In

I've Made It To Wednesday...

Yeah.  That's about how it's going here.  My boys are down with a terrible cold and ear infections.  The youngest has that awful barking croup.  And I feel like a bus ran me over.  Oh...and did I mention why? 


Forget the cold that's lurking in my upper respritory system...I've become a Crossfitter!  That's right!  I joined Crossfit.  It's been over a week now, and I am able to say that I'm alive.  I don't have a muscle that doesn't ache, but I am alive.  Let's see...Monday I ran 400 meters, completed 20 hollows, 20 jumping lunges - that was the warmup.  Then I did a row for 500 meters.  Then I completed 25 pushups, 50 situps, 50 supermans, 50 dips, 50 box-jumps, and 20 turkish 'get-ups'... Then Tuesday ...I threw the 10lb medicine ball 80 times, did 80 squats, 80 'V's, 28 sumo dead lifts, and 30 burpees...(don't ask what those are...let's just say they are a form of torture that personal trainers wield expertly.) 

Okay...so I have been caught smiling about it all.  Once I finish, I feel great - well, it's that and the hot shower and hot toddy I have when I get home - in that order.

Progress continutes on the NaNo front.  I'll pass 30K today if all goes well.  Woo-hoo!  J.R. Pearse-Nelson and I have finalized plans for the  12 Days Of Christmas Reading and the email to authors is about to go out!  A great big thank-you to all the wonderful authors and bloggers who've expressed interest and willingness to join and/or post our link!  You guys are fantastic! 

Now, I've got to get my buns back to work.  I've fallen behind over the last few days with my poor boys' colds. 
~ Nadja


  1. That's a major workout. I'd be toast half way through.

    Hope your boys are doing better soon!

  2. Believe me! Last week I was soooo sore. I was finding the easiest clothes to take on and off so I wouldn't have to move so much! Ha! I had noodle legs, too! This week is better. ....but I still have those noodle legs once I start working out. Who knows what they will have up on the board today.

    Thank you for my boys. I used a homeopathic cough syrup that worked very well - much better than the over the counter cough meds. I don't like to give the boys any medicine unless it is absolutely necessary. I think many people are taking medicine they don't really need.

  3. So glad to hear you're making progress on the Crossfit and the writing. And I totally agree with the whole 'pumping unnecessary medicine' into people who don't really need it.

  4. What an amazing workout! Go Nadja!

    Hope everyone recovers in your household. It's almost summer in Australia but the weather is acting as if it's the middle of winter so I'm very paranoid that I'm going to get sick. I hope it doesn't come to that, otherwise my writing productivity will be down the drain.

    Good job on NaNo! That's a lot of words! Hope you have a good week!

  5. How do you find time to exercise?!

  6. @Joshua - Typically, I use a space/time continuum extender. Or a spell. I'm not sure how romance authors do it.

    Oh... wait. ;-)

    (Sorry, dirty joke is dirty.)

    Good work, Nadja. Unfortunately, my computer chair was the sore one this weekend... b-but I got a lot done! Or whatever helps me sleep (extra padding?). *sigh*

  7. Wow, I'm jealous of your workout!
    And nice word count too ;)
    Keep it up!

  8. @ Julius - Thanks...I am plugging away. Glad someone else sees how much medicine is being taken. I think we're becoming medicine junkies...heh heh.

    @ Komal - Yes...I love the workouts...and I hate them at the same time.

    @ Joshua - I go to a class. I'd never do it at home. As for finding the time...I can't say. I simply know that at 4:35pm, I must get in my Jeep and drive to the gym. If I think any more about it, I'd talk myself out of torturing myself. Ha!

    @ Matt - Congrats! Woot-Woot! I see you've completed the second WIP! Awesome :} (Ha! Romance authors do it ....that could be a catchy post headline...lol)

    @ Juliana - Thanks for the word count love! I'm not sure if you should be jealous of my workout - I'd recommend running. Away. At once. Ha! Just kidding. It's really great.

  9. Wow! That sounds like a great work-out! Makes me tired just reading about it. Glad to see your NaNo numbers. Congrats! Keep up the good work!

  10. You have taken up crossfit during NaNo? Amazing! Well done you...I have taken up eating biscuits at every opportunity!

    Keep up the good work and hope you dance across the 30k line if you haven't already!

  11. Ooh, I've got a bit of a cold myself. Why can't everyone on the continent just take a nice long week off from work to recover? We could all stay home and read and write...

  12. LOL! Now I feel like a slacker next to you. Way to go, Nadja!

  13. http://ravingsofparanoia.blogspot.com/2011/11/well-hello-there.html :) haha, I'm just starting out, don't hate!