30 November 2011

A Nod To November...

It is the last day of November, 2011.  Are you ready for December?

We've got a busy month beginning tomorrow!  That's right, December starts in less than twenty-four hours...
Unbelievable, eh?

I'll be starting off with a bang!  And, the fun will continue right to the very last day of 2011!  Here's how my final month of this year is shaping up.

What are your big events for December? 

Her Dark Baron I am days away from publishing Her Dark Baron!  Woo-Hoo!

 - Seven year old birthday!  (Luckily, the school is having a party with Santa on the birthday night and little man wants to attend - Voila!  Instant birthday night fun - and no kids in my house!  It doesn't get better than that.)
  Better get those Christmas Cards addressed and ready to mail out!

Photobucket 12 Days of Christmas Reading - 10 December through 22 December!  Stop by and enter to win some great books and have a great reading gift list for those avid readers on your shopping list!

  ...baking all those holiday goodies...Mmm-mmm-hhmmm!

   Chanukah in a Nutshell is a great article that offers over twenty different links to learn about the story of Chanukah, celebrated this year from 20 December through 28 December!  There are plenty of activities for kids on the home site.  This is also a terrific history lesson, covering the Syrian/Greek occupation of Israel! 

  The reason for the season...the birth of Messiah!

  and some added Christmas excitement for the kiddies...

 and another birthday celebration - our oldest this time!

  New Year Countdown...

Whew!  Lots to do. 

Writing Goals and Updates...

As I listed above, I will publish Her Dark Baron in the next few days.  I need to go over a final read-through or two before I click that button!  I am so ready! 

My first novel featured a couple with high ideals and sweet dispositions.  This novella has an entirely different vibe!  The title says it all, and I'm excited to get this published. 

You may have noticed on my sidebar...I'm a NaNoWriMo winner!  I cannot believe it! (Good thing they give you that badge and all...it helps you believe...ha!)  Congrats to everyone who took part in this challenge.  The pace is a bit grueling, but it gets you up and out of your comfort zone splendidly.  And a special shout out to all my writing buddies who've hit that 50K mark!

What have other ROW80 authors been up to this week?  Click the link to visit around and find out.  Happy Wednesday, everyone.  ~ Nadja


  1. Love all the pictures! Made me feel wonderfully festive so thanks for that!

    So exciting that you are so close to nearly publsihing The Dark Baron...very exciting! And also with everything else going on HUGE congratulations on winning NaNo! I agree, the badge helps it sink in!!

  2. Congrats on NaNo!!

  3. Thanks, Em! Glad I lit that holiday spark in you! I'm so excited for the holidays....:}

    Ryan - Thank you! (smiles like a silly fool...)

  4. No real plans, just...now all I can see is baklava. Yummy.

  5. Great pictures! I'll be busy next month but not with holiday stuff. Doctor and dentist appointments. My cards are already signed and ready to be mailed out. We're staying home for a quiet Christmas and I greatly appreciate it.

  6. wow, congrats on many levels! i'm always in awe of nano participants (and especially winners). what did you learn from the experience?

    and keep us updated on your book release!

    happy writing,

  7. Way to go on winning NaNo! You rock!

    By the way...is that Jimmy I see on the cover of Her Dark Baron? That alone would make me want to read it. :)

  8. December is definitely a full month! Congrats on the NaNo win :)

  9. Congratulations on NaNo.

    This post was full of writerly and holiday goodness. December looks like it's going to rock.

  10. Yay! Congrats on the win and the publishing. Great to hear. You're doing wonderfully. Keep up the good work!

  11. Are you really making baklava at home? Yum!
    Can't wait for the 12 Days of Reading!
    Love the cover of Her Dark Baron.

  12. Congrats on the Nano and finishing Red Baron!

    The baklava photo looks soooo good. Yummmmm! I need to bake some baklava too, although my last attempt wasn't anything to brag about, snort.

  13. You've done so well on many levels this year. And it's been a fast one! You have my greatest respect for your accomplishments, feedback, and help. And that baklava does look good. You're a rare gem of a writer!

  14. Deniz - I make baklava every year at the holidays (and other times just for the sweet, syrup-y, walnut-y-pistachio goodness)

    Thanks for the cover love...I have a thing for Jimmy Thomas...ahem.

    Angela - ha! I've had recipes turn out 'other' than they were supposed to before, too. Oh, well. I just try again!

    Medeia and Wendy - *thanks*!

  15. Jules...

    You're making me blush! And that's not easy to do! Ha! Thanks ;}