06 November 2011

Sunday ~ A Summary ...

Sunday Features To Start The Week Right...

Annalise Green explored a concept that we authors have to deal with, using wit and humor to make light of our struggles.  Nicely done, I'm recommending the read to brighten your day - and probably lighten your mood.  Entitled,

The Strange but Necessary Doublethink of a Writer, by Which I Mean Me and Probably Only Me, and also This Title is Long, and Now It’s Longer

Green's post struck a chord.  In no way, Annalise, are you the only practicer (I know, I made that one up) of 'doublethink'...As a matter of fact, I find it a brilliant strategy!

Quote Of The Week ~ by W. J. Smith

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Don't rent space. The world is full of "tire kickers", haters, and self preserving characters. These thrive on excuses and others' let downs. Your life is influenced only by what you allow it to be, who you permit to rent space.

-W.J. Smith


I've managed to hit all my goals except for the typing.  Ack!  I've got to get this typing done!  I'm currently in the last third of the book, and stalling.  Evading.  Avoiding. 

NaNo has been my latest excuse - although I've done my fair share of typing there, negating it as a valid excuse.  Oy.  I've hit 13k in my NaNo project!  This is more than exciting to me, as I have never just turned it off and written before.  I don't know that I would do it all the time, but WOW is it freeing!  The story is pouring out of me faster than I can get it down.  

Okay...back to reality.  This week I have to knuckle down and get it done!  No excuses.  For real.  (I'm giggling even while writing this...NOT a good sign.)  ;}

That's it for me today...short and sweet!  Have a lovely Sunday.  I've got a date with my NaNo novel, with my keyboard, and with my kitchen - I believe I have a hankering for rice pudding - and falafel - (Yeah..I don't know where these combinations come from, I just cook it and eat it) ??  And, I have to clean my home.  I absolutely cannot work in a cluttered, messy, dusty, unorganized space.  (My husband would insist here that I've a touch of the OCD, but who listens to him?)  Once that's finished, the kitchen smells lovely with the aroma of deliciousness, pumpkin spice candles are flickering, and I've got my hot tea steaming beside me...it's going to be nice.  Productive.  Fun.  Satisfying.  (This is my positive thought 'therapy'...ha!)
~ Nadja


  1. Great job on your NaNo words, and good luck with the typing! You'll get through it! Your plan for the day sounds much like mine: kitchen, food, cleaning, and NaNo. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Glad you're making progress on NaNo. I'm not doing too badly myself.

  3. LOL. Glad to hear NaNoWriMo is going well for you. Giggle away ;)

  4. Wow, 13k is no joke. You are off to a great start :)


  5. Great job on nano, keep giggling (or maybe not so much in public) and I am strangely in the mood to make chocolate cake from scratch.

  6. Brilliant NaNo word count - it is freeing to just write isn't it? I do feel like I planned enough that I am writing with some sense. I hope!

    My housework has fallen by the wayside...my dishes are staring at me as I type.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  7. Thanks so much for featuring my post! I'm really touched. Glad you enjoyed the post!

    Also - that is a fantastic word count for NaNoWriMo! I'm in awe, really. Keep up the great work!

  8. my dishes left home! - well done on nano word count - nice tidy sweet smelling abode - all the best for coming week

  9. Awesome word count! I have WC envy! I hope it catches on soon for me. I'm sort of floundering. But this is a very encouraging check-in. Have fun with the cleaning. I've been catching up with that today. Just a little bit more and I'll be ready to focus on the NaNo. Keep up the great work! (and thanks for the quote) :)

  10. Hope your Sunday worked out just like you planned. :)

  11. Wow, Nadja, amazing job on your NaNo. Keep up the great work!

    Oh, the cleaning -- it's on my "silent goal list" (the one that I don't post) :-) Good luck with it. Have a fabulous week.

  12. Thanks, everyone! I'll be visiting around tomorrow a bit...Hope to see you all again then. I'm sneaking off to write more of my ancient vampire, Cael. Mmmhhhmmm-hhmm.
    I want one. Dangerous. Daring. Delicious.

  13. I'm glad I found your blog through Deniz's blog. Thanks for your nice comment there.

    Good luck with NaNo. You've done great, so far.

  14. You are doing SO well! *rustles pom poms* I'm so excited to "see" your word count going up.

    Cleaning and I sort of aren't happening right now, and I know I'm going to regret it this week... but I am not in the mood to tackle the dishes or sweep the floors. Alas! ;)

    Have a great week, Nadja!

  15. How dare you tempt me with rice pudding! Love it.

    Great job with the wordage! Good luck with the upcoming week :)

  16. Nadja, I've been reading your blog for a long time and I've come to this conclusion: you have no excuses, but reasons. Your only fault may be doing too much at once. There's nothing wrong with that, only that it'll take a bit longer than originally anticipated. Have a bester day!

  17. Hello fellow insecure writer :-)
    Could I come write in your kitchen, please? I'd love some rice pudding!
    Also, I just realised - you're the same as me during NaNo, writing then typing. Darn, we have to work all those extra hours!

  18. OCD is not such a bad thing. I'm a practitioner of organized chaos, but who am I kidding? Chaos is still chaos!

    Good luck on your goals this week!