06 December 2011

Her Dark Baron

My newest novella, Her Dark Baron, is available!

Her Dark Baron Buy at Amazon 

Stop by and visit my page at Amazon Author Central! My novella is also available at my Smashwords page!

Thank you to everyone!  You've all been so supportive and encouraging during the writing, the typing, and the editing of this story.  I'm so excited to finally see it up for sale!  And don't forget... as an independent author, word of mouth is paramount to getting my name/books into the hands of readers.  If you read, please offer an honest review on Amazon, at Smashwords, or at Goodreads!  This author would be most appreciative! 
I'm off to celebrate...well, just a bit.  I've got a Christmas promotion post to write, some great authors to add to the ever growing 12 Days Of Christmas Reading, an Insecure Writers post and a ROW80 post to ready for tomorrow, and a guest post to write for Sommer Leigh's blog!  There is truly no rest for the wicked, eh?  Ha!
Have a great week everyone!  ~ Nadja


  1. Congratulations! I now have another of your novellas I need to gather into my possession - I mean, go out and get :-)

  2. Thanks, Raelyn! It's been a wild, wild, November/beginning of December! ;}

  3. Congratulations! It was well worth the wait. Keep 'em coming.

  4. Angela ~ I hear you're going to have one for me to gather soon, too.....!? Cannot wait.

    Julius ~ I'm sure going to try...lol.

    Thanks! ;}

  5. Congratulations on the release of your new book! How exciting for you! Okay, I will be buying both your books by the end of the week, that's a promise! Can't wait to read them!

    Also, when I remember, I'm going to send you an email about doing an interview over on my blog. Just a heads up!

  6. Komal! Wow! Thanks...I'd love to do an interview. Drop me a line and I'll be glad to get you Her Dark Baron for review.

    Juliana - Yeah...I am feeling a little 'woot-y' this week...heh heh.

  7. Yay! That is super exciting! I was just wondering how it was going. I'll have to look it up and tell everyone else to do the same. Congrats all around. It's an amazing feeling!

  8. Yay, I am sososo excited to read this one! I am sticking it on my Christmas list. :D

  9. Awesome, Nadja. If it's on Kindle I will definitely download it!

  10. It is on Kindle! Thank you so much, everyone! ;}

  11. I just finished Her Dark Baron, Nadja--it's just wonderful! You know how bad I am about getting reviews written *blush*, but I will try, really!

    I'm going to tweet about it and put a comment on the Facebook page for ROW80, so that's something in the meantime. :D

    Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

  12. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Baron Daltrey is easy to like...yes? Ha!
    I appreciate your tweet and FB comment!