17 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Reading ~ Day 8

On the eighth day of Christmas...
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Vessel, by J.R. Pearse Nelson
Vessel (Children of the Sidhe)Buy Vessel
Visit J.R. Pearse Nelson's blog here!  The author will gift one lucky reader a copy of her novella Vessel as well as the first book in the series, Tribute!

Product Description

Eddie Drake, notorious agent of the Sidhe Authority, has always been a womanizer. So he’s as surprised as anyone when he can’t get a certain black-haired witch out of his mind. When Alise Rodgers wakes up in Otherworld, a mysterious connection to the place haunts her. And then there’s a more immediate concern – she would never have expected to find Drake sitting vigil for her. While she’s grateful, she’s not at all interested in his bedroom eyes. They’ve always clashed. But they must work together after Alise discovers a rebellious plot brewing among the Sidhe, and puts her life on the line in the bargain.

Vessel is the second novella in the Children of the Sidhe series.

Children of the Sidhe
The Sidhe dwindle. Slow to breed and quick to war, the ages have worn away their numbers. An old enemy threatens Otherworld, fearsome in numbers and in newfound magics. The Sidhe’s unloved part-human children strewn about the mortal world are suddenly their greatest source of hope.

Tribute (Children of the Sidhe) Buy Tribute

Product Description

The first novella in the Children of the Sidhe series.

Hazel Fintan is the reluctant daughter of the Irish love god, Aengus. As much as she loves the Sidhe lifestyle, with baubles and leisure galore, she’s never cared for her father’s world. So who could expect her to be happy when she’s drawn into a conflict with a legendary race over an impossible tribute?

The tribute may be what brought them together, but Ian MacIlroy knows destiny when it stares him in the face with stunning green eyes and a gorgeous smile. Now he has a new mission. Hazel will be his, at any cost.


  1. I love these covers.

    I've purchased and read more novellas than usual this year. I've been in a novella kind of mood lately.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. I've heard that novellas are growing in popularity! I like them when I want a bedtime read that I don't have to worry I'll stay up all night to read...just one more page...lol.