15 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Reading ~ Day 6

On the sixth day of Christmas...
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The Binder's Daugher, by Matt Hofferth
  The Binder's Daughter (The Spirit Binder Series)  Visit On The Job Writing  to read more from Hofferth!
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The author will be giving away a copy (epub) of The Binder's Daughter to one lucky winner! 

Product Description

They say curiosity killed the cat. In Michael Allen’s case, the saying proved incomplete. All it got him was a vampire bite.

Twenty years later, Michael has crafted a comfortable life for himself in a small town in the Midwest, removed from as many human interactions as possible. He’s even gone so far as to forgo human blood, instead making use of artificial plasma. Unable to forgive himself for inadvertently becoming an agent of death and feeling responsible for the events that led to his father’s demise, Michael is content to just drift through the ages alone.

That is, until he hears the voice:


Just one word. Yet it blossoms in his mind with such heartfelt intensity that he feels compelled to seek out the identity of its owner. In doing so, Michael lets a different cat out of the bag and rediscovers some very human emotions that he thought had died twenty years earlier. Along the way Michael gets caught up in an ancient power struggle involving shapeshifters and samurai. Only by reconciling himself with his past can he salvage a chance at saving the woman he has grown to love and the power she was born to protect.


  1. I love hearing about all these different books!

  2. I read The Binder's Daughter - by Hofferth. It was a nice read. I'm looking forward to his next book.

  3. If he ever gets it done... that slow, slow writer person. Bah!


    Oh hai!

    (Next one is with my editors now!)