29 February 2012

Leap Day

Happy Leap Day, Everyone!  Don't forget to check in with fellow ROW80's today!

Congratulations, Shannan, on your newest release! 
(Available at Evernight Publishing)  Available soon at Amazon!)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Level: 2

Word Count: 53, 050

ISBN: 978-1-927368-63-3

Editor: Hannah Giersdorf

Cover Artist: LF Designs
A Dark Breed Novel, 2
Tegan Murin has his hands full these days. Feral attacks are increasing, targeting humans, and now he is ordered to find and destroy a deadly artifact known as Oman’s Seal, deal with his estranged step-father and find a missing archaeologist. He’s a bit irritable. Add into the mix a recurring dream of one sexy seductress leading him to his death… well, you get one very pissed off were-panther.
Kyra Navarone is more than what she seems. Escaping from the ferals who captured her, she ends up running into a brooding, irritating man who makes her blood run hot just with one look. Her life depends on the betrayal of this compelling man, but how can she live with herself afterward?
More than their lives hang in the balance. In order to survive they must learn to trust one another before the world they know and the one hidden beneath the waves are destroyed forever.

Bio for Shannan Albright

Lynnet Shannan using the pen name Shannan Albright writes Paranormal Romance primarily. She has been a member of Romance Writers of America since 2008. She became president of her local chapter last year. Her primary focus is to encourage new writers who are focused on making writing their career. She uses oil painting as a way to work through her books and relaxes a good book. She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, step-daughter, a cat and two dogs.

In The News...

GaijinI recently met Shannon through BTS Bookclub  on Goodreads, and I'm wishing her success today!  Also this week, I joined The Questionable Content Reading Challenge, hosted by Pavarti Tyler.  March is reader's choice, and I took a recommendation and read Gaijin, by Remittance Girl.  I've passed my recommendation along to a few friends.  Check out the reading challenge before you delve in, Gaijin is not a book for everyone.  Dark, disturbing, erotic, and horrific, this novella will stay with you long after you've finished.   

Next up, I will be reading Pure, Rebbecca Ray  and The Hunger Games for BTS Bookclub. 

Stop by Medeia Sharif's blog for a chance to win Bewitching, by Alex Flinn!

What Are You Reading?

The editing continues, although it is now a matter of changing the document in my computer and typing in those extra scenes.  I'm moving right along and it feels great!  I also picked up another beta reader, which I'm thrilled about.  My beta readers are across genre - from a sci-fi/fantasy writer to a romance enthusiast - but I did not have a beta that wrote and read paranormal romance.....until now, that is.    

Hope you all have a wonderful leap day!  Happy writing!

~ Nadja


  1. I hear ya! I am almost done editing and typing in those extra scenes that tie it all together! Looks like we work in similar fashion :) I know your beta's will have great feedback for you!

  2. Reading? What's that? The Girl (4) and I just finished reading the first Harry Potter book, and we're almost done with James and the Giant Peach. That's about it lately.

  3. Gaijin sounds like the book you tell a friend that it may not be for them but of course they have to read it to prove you wrong. I've read The Hunger Games. I hope you get a chance to read it before the movie comes out.

    Glad things are going well with your edits and revisions.

    I just finished Send One Angel Down so now I'm about to select my YA Debut author book so I can review it on my blog when I finish. Then I have a few others lined up in my TBR to get at. So much reading. So little time.

    Le sigh.

  4. That cartoon made me laugh out loud. I can relate!

    Lots of good links today too. Thank you!

  5. Ha! Love the cartoon! Good luck with the edits!! :)

  6. That cartoon is hilarious. We get so attached to our CPs, don't we? Thanks for the book recs!