11 May 2012

Book Reviews: Virtual Book Tour - Review: Nadja Notariani's "Th...

    Indulge Me A Minute...:}

I had to share Sapphyria's review today of The Third Fate.  It was the first thing I read this cloudy, dreary, oh-no-it-is-the-filth-and-foul-alarm-blaring-that-racket-into-my-brain morning.  Needless to say, I felt much better after finding this.  I have found a few great sites during my stint with Innovative Online Book Tours - which will continue through the end of May!  I want to take a minute to say 'Thank-You' to Vickie and Shauni from IOBT - you all are just great to work with. 

Here are a few sites I visited.  (My review may or may not be the first to come up...read if you'd like ;)

I've also posted a few fun cartoons my surfing has produced.  I get a kick out of comics - hope you do too!  Have a great day, everyone.

May 1st Adventures of frugal mom (interview and review)  (Interview ) ( Review )

May 2nd All Things Writing (interview and review w/giveaway) (Review )

May 5th Turning The Pages (review and interview w/giveaway) (Review )

May 6th Book’s Reviewed by Bunny ( Review) (Review )

May 7th Gael Blogher.com/GaelMcCarte (review) (Review )

May 10th Sapphyria’s Book Reviews, (review)  (The Third Fate )          


  1. Everyone's allowed to indulge a little with a new release. Enjoy!

    1. *Thanks*...Ha! Great minds think alike...I just commented on you Avenger's post. Too funny. Have a great day, Maria. Bask in that reader appreciation :}

  2. It's been a pretty good tour for Third Fate. Hoping a a follower or two over at my blog scurried to add this novel to their TBR list.

    Thanks again for letting me feature you at my blog. I really enjoyed it. By the way...still didn't settle that cat fight between Me and Myself but Cael should be safe for a while :-)