18 May 2012

Good Reads And Great Advice

Finds and Features ....

Today, I'd like to share a mix of good reads and great advice.  Most of you are familiar with the A-Z Challenge, recently ended with a flourish.  Well done to those who participated!  I enjoyed your various takes and stories.  One in particular stood out - a diamond in the rough. 

Abby And Basil: A Blog Opera, written by Angela Brown at Publishness took me up and down, invoking hope and hate as I impatiently awaited the ending - which wasn't really an ending - but a cliff-hanging-nail-biting-to-be-continued halt.  Arrgh...it tortures so sweetly.  Ha!  Anyway, sit down with your tea, coffee, or beverage of choice and make introduction to some fabulous characters.

The Sinful Siren's Giveaway Hop is in full swing!  Take a peek at my previous post to enter my giveaway - and to find other great chances to win!  There is an extensive list of participants.  The hop runs from 15 May - 20 May, so there's plenty of time!

Marcy Kennedy reminds us that taking a break is important - and often neglected - as we race to meet 'one more goal, accomplish one more task'.  Take a minute to see how she employed Captain America to make her point in a great post. 

On The Writing Front...

Hmmm...since we're on the subject of reaching goals...I thought I'd post this great quote!  Are you satisfied with the life you're living?  If you are, congrats!  If not...what are you willing to do about it? 

I'm all about being satisfied.  That doesn't mean I don't strive for better...but it does mean that I've decided to be happy with where I am today, to be happy living the life I have today to its fullest.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Live, savor, and be thankful for today. 

 * Writing away in Chapter 4.  Loving it!

 * Can only claim chapter 1 as typed.  Sigh. But it is already in the hands of my fabulous - cheeky sister for thoughts and critique.  I'm willing myself to type today...

 * Exercise rates 'nominal success'.  Last week, I only managed three workouts.  This week is the same so far.

 * Social goals have been met, easily. Honestly, I need more time to read all the great posts around the blogs. 

 * Reading for pleasure has been extremely...er, pleasant.  I sneaked two books during late night indulgences...*smiles*

Hope you are finding your groove as we pass the hump!  Weekend....Here we come!

 ~ Nadja


  1. It's really important to be satisfied with yourself and your life. I have a friend who has started hating her job. I keep telling her to start looking for something else. She's afraid, I think. But she's miserable now. Which is worse? Sometimes you just have to reach out and grab for what you want. Sometimes you have to keep extending your reach until you get it. :)

    1. It's so true. If you're miserable already, why not take a chance? Being satisfied is not only important, it's vital. And I agree with your advice, Lauralynn. Keep extending your reach until you're there. :}