12 June 2011

Blogging Award..........Sweet!

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.....For Me??

Gabrielle Bisset passed on this great blog award.  Here we go......

The rules of this award are:

1. You link to the person who sent it to you.
2.  List seven random facts about yourself

I have four brothers & four sisters.  This makes me remember not only having a constant cohort in mischief, but lifelong friends......
I'm currently learning to speak German.
I have zero skills when it comes to video games, encouraging my husband and sons to make sport of me when they convince me to 'play zombies'.......really, it's that bad.
I've always been overly observant, prompting my mother to say to me countless times, "You could spot a zit on a tick's ass....."
I'm an excellent marks woman with my Hi-Point 9mm Carbine rifle.
My favorite Disney villain(ess) is Eezma, from The Emperor's New Grove.
My sister calls me Schultz.  How or why this started, I cannot say, but the name stuck, and Schultz I remain to this day. 
3) Pass the award on to other awesome blog buddies.  Please take some time to visit these fantastic bloggers.
Whether these great bloggers choose to participate or not, please stop by and check out a few of my favorite pages to visit.
~ Nadja


  1. Dankeschon Nadja! It's such a yummy looking award. I suck at video games myself. Love your mom's saying about observancy!

  2. Nadja! Thanks so much for the award! I love strawberries, that's one sweet award. :)

  3. Glad you liked the sweet award....It's my first.
    Love the reference to my German lessons.....Ich bin eine lehreren English und eine schulerin Deutche! Oh boy. It's true, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Lucky I have a brother who speaks passable German and a daughter who is fluent. She spent her junior year of high school studying in Bad Essen. This added our German guest daughter, Anja, who then spent last summer with us, as another fluent speaker to help me with my conversational practice.
    My instructor, however, is Rosetta Stone. Fantastic program! Nadja

  4. Danke, Frau Notariani. Ich bin ein wenig teilweise auf althochdeutschen. You've been tagged on my blog. You're it!

  5. Is this old, high German?? ~ Nadja