01 June 2011

Checking In On The First Of June, 2011

Today marks the first of June, and I'm thankful that the summer months are finally here.  We actually have been able to use our patio set for eating dinner outside and sitting around after the sun's intensity has faded in the evening... (it's been in the 90's for most of this week, but I'm NOT complaining).  My umbrella had an awful encounter with a mighty gust of wind this spring, and it ended up in my fencing, torn and ruined.  So.....I've been shopping for a canopy, but haven't purchased one yet.  This may be the week for it.....

I have surpassed the 300 page mark this week, bringing Claiming The Prize within two scenes of its conclusion.  My goal for finishing my first novel is June 23, 2011, and I see no reason why I won't be ahead of schedule, barring some fantastic occurrence.  The past few days have been slow progress in writing.  My boys have all been infected with a bug, striking them down with fever and stomach aches.  With that going on, of course, we had an important appointment that could not be changed.  Why is it that no one gets sick when I have nowhere to go?  And why did the dog get sick right along with them?  It's a conspiracy, I tell you!!! 

One new development on the writing front is that I'm considering an open ended scene for the novel's final page.  There is something about leaving the reader to decide what they think happens in the future that seems to hold a certain appeal to me at this moment.  It's kind of like one of my favorite lines from a movie, "It's not in my nature to be mysterious, but I can't talk about it."  Fun stuff to stew on over the next week.....

Her Dark Baron continues to be an indulgence I sneak in around pages in the novel.  I've not added more than 600 words since Sunday's check in, but those 600.....they've been a delightful diversion - so has planting my yard with summer blooms.  I'm an impatient girl....What I mean is I like impatiens....


They continue to be beautiful well into the autumn weather, and you cannot kill them.  Even when wilted and half dead looking a splash of water will revive these hardy blooms in no time.  This is the flower for me.  My husband may have a green thumb, but that is one gift I do not possess. 

Hope everyone from A Round of Words  is having a terrific week and enjoying the beautiful weather. 
~ Nadja


  1. Alas, the arrival of summer- well, almost officially, but that's a technicality. It's good to hear that your goal is within reach, whilst enjoying Her Dark Baron, which I'm dying to read more of. Pleeeeeeeeeeease!

  2. Great talking about the Baron last night. I'm taking a night off tonight. I've been nonstop, and it's time for a night of relaxation. :)

  3. Sick kids are a conspiracy. I've never seen one that doesn't come with another. They're like a set. And your dog too! Horrors.
    You're so lucky to have your hot weather. We live in Northern California and it has been one disappointing stormy day after another since the beginning of May. I want to wear SHORTS and DRESSES. I have a lawn to mow, dang it! I have a garden of veggies that care what temperature it is before they fruit up. *sigh*

  4. That Baron of mine.......(feeling the mojo...ha!)
    Yes, it seems sick kids come in pairs (or triplicate in my case). I am so in touch with your frustration over the horrible spring. We just got a reprieve from the wet, soggy weather. And I have a house that needs painting - Oy! My garden is in shambles...the two youngest decided to trample the small plants today...sigh. I guess the upside is that the pepto has finally done its job..... ~ Nadja

  5. Oooh, an open ended ending - that sounds exciting. Hope everyone gets well soon!