05 June 2011

It's Official!

This is one happy Nadja..........

Hello to everyone from A Round of Words !  I am quite pleased to say that Claiming The Prize, my first novel is finished!  Finished I say!  (I'd say it again in all capital letters if that wouldn't be just going too far.....)  Almost nine months after beginning, I look upon three notebooks full of the lives of characters I imagined and articulated into the written word.  It's damn satisfying. 

A new chapter in my world begins, as I now start preparation for publishing.  Within six weeks, I plan to deliver the work to my critique partner to begin the process of editing. I happen to have a terrific critique partner whose judgement I value highly, and her skills with the English language and eye for the well written story are an invaluable asset to this project's success.   My beta readers will be helpful as well in offering thoughts and impressions as they sink their teeth into the novel for the first time. Better finally get typing...a goal I left in the dust back at this round's genesis.....Oh the shame!  Well, not really.  If I had truly been ashamed, I would have remedied the situation long ago.  But it's all water under the bridge, so to speak,  and  I'm actually looking forward to getting it done now that it is the next hurdle in the path to publication. 

Her Dark Baron, my novella, is such a delight to write, that I want to set a goal for it's completion.  I'm thinking I'll set the deadline for six weeks from today.  That will allow me a week for each chapter's writing....(I'll be typing like a madwoman, so I don't want to over do it with the writing goals)  It's always better - for me- to set a very realistic goal that I outshine than to set a goal that I struggle to accomplish.  It's really all about enjoyment for me, and I am loathe to turn a practice I so enjoy into a monkey on my back.  So, a goal it is, but an easier one. 

Hope everyone is racing toward the finish line of goals and deadlines as we approach the end of this Round of Words. ~ Nadja 


  1. Congrats! What a feeling it is to complete the first novel. I loved that feeling! :D (That is your face now, I bet.)

    We must drink to this. Plans must be made. LOL

  2. Yay! Congratulations!!! Isn't it a great feeling? Revel in it for a while!!


  3. Woo hoo! Congratulations! Champagne! And so exciting that you have another project already on the go.

  4. Thank you so much....Gabrielle, Melanie, and Deniz! It does feel fantastic.
    Plans will be made for a celebration, Gabrielle. We have a number of accomplishments to raise a cheer to. (We still haven't properly toasted your novella's release!)
    Oddly, I'm excited and exhausted all at once. It's absolutely delicious..... ~ Nadja

  5. well done and go go go - a new project as well!! all best with next few weeks and next weeks goals - thanks for visiting - Northumberland - land of dramatic and heart breakingly beautiful moors, coastlines and skies with ruined forts and castles from romans onwards - thats where I went - glorious

  6. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading Claiming the Prize when it comes out!


    Congratulations, and good luck with your publishing journey! :)

  8. Alberta......
    My novella is set in Northumberland, 1640! Too funny! My research has me well aware of the beauty of northeastern England, but to see it in person.... How great for you. ~ Nadja

  9. came back to read extract - very bodice ripping - goes with the moors!!! 'Dad' is just so wrong tho' sorry but she has to say 'Father' - the only thing that jarred - it will be a good book - the hero will of course have a heart of pure gold (I hope) under his 'hellish'ways - keep posting

  10. Congrats! That's amazing! Someday I'll be cool like you :)

  11. Thanks for the tip Alberta....revisions at the ready! ~ Nadja