02 June 2011

Something Worth Sharing........

As I made my weekly rounds visiting fellow writers this evening, I stopped by Pavarti Devi's page.  I hadn't been by in a few weeks, and frankly, I was curious as to what she had been posting.  I've been following her in her quest to publish her newest book, Shadow On The Wall

Now, she and writer David Beem have teamed up to offer information and community to indie authors at Escapist Press.  It's a new site, and few articles are up, but what I read was informative and clearly explained.  Check it out, especially if you are considering indie publishing as an option.  As I approach my own novel's conclusion and prepare to navigate the world of self-publishing, I appreciate their efforts to gather and discuss the options available to Indie Writers. 
~ Nadja

Escapist Press Home Page Header.........

ep logo
An Author Co-OpEscapistpress is an artist's co-op where you can find the village it takes to write a successful book. We believe that the landscape of the publishing world is fundamentally changing. These changes afford the opportunity for like-minded professionals to strengthen promotional activities as never before.

Escapistpress fosters relationships and promotes members both within our organization and in the publishing world at large by banding together and sharing resources.

Poised to champion Indie Writers and encourage professionalism and excellence in all we do, Escapistpress is the place to find well-researched, immersible books that entertain, period.

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