16 June 2011


Author Julius Cicero tagged me! 

TAGGED: Being tagged requires that I answer these short questions.
Do you think you're hot?
Smokin'.  (Seriously? Is this a trick question.....am I supposed to actually answer?  Or is there any other answer I can give here?  No, I don't think so..... Ha!)

Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using.

When was the last time you ate chicken?
Why today, in fact.  Chicken is my favorite meat.  Chicken on a salad, chicken seared in garlic, chicken soup, chicken kabobs, chicken roasted, baked, grilled.......  (Is this another trick question?  I mean, who cares when I last ate the flesh of a fowl?)

What were you thinking while doing this?

I refer you to the comments in parenthesis......

What song/songs have you listened to recently?
April 29th, 1992, Pawn Shop, Get Ready, Doin' Time ~ Sublime - (Teen-aged son brought out stereo to play Cd's while painting the house.  I enjoyed them all.)

Let Me Take You Home ~ Boston

Angry Young Man ~ Styx

Good ~ Better Than Ezra

Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
As I mentioned before in my Sweet Blogger Award post, one of my sisters calls me Schultz.  The only other nickname I can remember being called comes from the fact that my husband calls me 'hun' instead of my given name.  Because of this, our oldest son, who is now a teenager, didn't call me mommy when he was little, he too called me 'hun' to the amusement of everyone we encountered.......
Imagine a three year old calling....,"Hey Hun, watch this!", as he performed some feat that made my hair turn gray......or, "Come on Hun, let's go to the pool."  Ridiculous.

Tag 5 Blogger friends.

 I just tagged some friends with the Sweet Blogger Award, so I'm going to be a party pooper here......

~ Nadja


  1. Speaking of fowl, I saw it misused today at the museum today. Yes, the museum, of all places! Sweet Sally's fanny! If we can't trust people who work at a museum to know that foul means bad, awful, and fowl means relating to a bird, then I think all is lost.

    However, I know exactly where they can get a job if that whole presenting history to the public to keep it alive (history, not the public) thing goes south. And they don't even have to know that eight thirty is NOT the time but the number 830.

    Julius tagged me too, but what's with the questions on chicken? LOL

  2. .....Hmm, sort of like when we saw the library tag in the travel section for 'Whales'???
    Where are they getting these people?
    Librarians who don't know the difference between Wales and whales & museum workers confusing foul and fowl......
    I'm gaining ground toward becoming a member of the 'intellectual elite'....and that's just wrong. Ha! ~ Nadja