24 August 2011

Ich Habe Lirlaub!!

...Or in other words...I'm on vacation!

  So, I forgot to mention that I'm having a vacation!  I've missed two ROW80 check-ins, and I'll miss another one...maybe two.  (Depends on what time I get in - Oy!)  I figured to get in some rest and relaxation before school starts up, and I get to work on publishing. 

I've got a fabulous family bash to attend, complete with tents, tables, food galore, and a live band! Hhhmm...perhaps there will be a performance with the fab-4 sisters....and maybe even an encore by the fab-4 brothers... There are so many of us, we need a wide open space to gather together for an end of summer blowout!  Unfortunately, my poor husband will miss it, as his job is not so forgiving as mine is...(smiles like a Cheshire cat at my 'flexible schedule')

Anyway, I'll see you all on the other side ~ Nadja

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