07 August 2011

Just a Note......


Is anyone else having an issue with Blogger today?  I cannot comment with my user profile through my Google account.  It keeps asking me to log in ...even though I AM logged in.  Sigh.  I was able to comment on non-Blogger pages.  Grrr.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by today through ROW80.  Hopefully tomorrow (or later on) things will be back to normal.  With my luck, I've clicked on something unknowingly, and will just as unknowingly un-click it.  As long as it all comes out in the wash, I'm good. 


  1. I did absolutely nothing to solve the problem, but today, I'm back in business! It was a bit disconcerting being told that I wasn't signed into my account, when I was. Everything's right as rain this morning, so I'd better get to it. ~ Nadja

  2. Hope it's okay now, I'm doing some rounds myself today! Last few days before vacation...

  3. Thanks Deniz....I seem to be able to comment without problem now. I don't know what that was. Some glitch I guess.....
    Where are you going on vacation? Have a great time! ~ Nadja