31 August 2011

Saying Goodbye To August 2011

Returning to 'real-life'...

Sadly, my vacation has come to an end.  It was glorious!  I spent a week visiting my family and friends.  We sipped coffee, shared breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  We rocked out at my brother's house.  My brother-in-law had a jam session with my oldest son.  My niece sang beautifully.  My sister and I joined her for a song, too.  (my niece didn't really need us at all...ha!)  My husband (he did manage to get two days of vacation) and I were able to meet a great many of my parent's friends at a 'bike-night' they attend weekly.  Believe me!  My husband was so happy to show off his new motorcycle.  I even managed to hang on over the highway we had to traverse to get there!  It was, dare I say it, fun!

  Now we are once again at home, and while I had a fabulous time, it feels fantastic to be back in my own realm!  My poor Zutchka was beside himself with joy at our return!  He had companionship while I was away, but he missed us terribly.  (Especially his boys!)

It's time for ROW80 check in.  As a matter of fact, it's the last check in for August!  Where did this month go?  I seem to recall the beginning of the month, and now, here we are at its end...  I feel a bit 'salty' about this.  It means that fall is surely around the corner. (fall is not the problem...it's what comes after fall)  Even on the final nights of my fabulous family vacation, the chill of Indian summer nights hinted at the passing of sweet summer.  Sigh.

Fall is my favorite season of the year.  (summer is a close, very close, second)  I love the bright blue skies and the feel of denim and sweaters.  The air is crisp and clean smelling.  It's invigorating!  I find comfort in the warm sun of the afternoon but cherish the cool nights for sitting around our fire pit and climbing under my neglected blankets.  Good sleeping weather!  That's good for my spirits. 

This week holds much excitement in store.  I will begin uploading my novel, Claiming The Prize, for publishing!  I am going to sneak in a last reading...just for peace of mind.  I'm feeling a bit like I'm preparing for a big exam.  Mostly nervous.  If you've been reading my posts through this endeavor, you understand by now that I'm no computer whiz.  In fact, I'm not anywhere close.  We'll say it's going to be a learning experience...

What is your biggest apprehension in the writing/publishing process?

The biggest fear I have is messing up in a cosmic/permanent/computer crashing way that will end up with my novel floating somewhere in cyber-space never to be retrieved again.  I, of course, would sit here - mouth agape - (after the cursing ceases) and then perhaps even cry.  Ha!  I'm saying my prayers that this never comes to pass, but just in case, I purchased some zip drives and copied my book.  Better safe than sorry...extremely sorry.  My sister thinks I should video record myself as I sit at the desk and work.  She believes we could have an uproarious laughing session after I successfully publish.  She may be on to something. 

I'm glad to be back!  I hope everyone is having a spectacular week, too! ~ Nadja


  1. Happy to hear that your holiday went well, but it's good to see you back. It seems like everyone is happy about the arrival of autumn. I live in a place where our autumn weather tends to be warmer and sunnier than summertime, so I'm cheering for September right along with you.

    I also wanted to let you know that I passed the Liebster award onto you, as you've been a wonderful friend and uber-supportive during this round of ROW80. I'm excited for the launch of your book - good luck getting everything uploaded!

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    But enough about that.

    My biggest apprehension is that moment right before you click the "publish" button. Totally indie-specific, but I always feel like Dr. Frankenstein and try really hard to reign in my cackling with glee. It's alive!

    That, and it's the culmination of the constant battle of "is it ready?" Which, mind you, is set in a forest. In autumn. With a peaceful babbling brook and lovely hues upon the leaves. And bodies. Lots of typographical bodies. (Like that previous comment that has since been slayed. ;-P)

    Congrats on the milestone.

  4. Sounds like a very busy vacation! I like the first picture by the way. It's an economy-sized SUV/soccer mobile.

  5. Jamila ~ Thanks! You've been a great encourager to me as well! I think we'll be goading one another along for many more 'rounds' to come. Thanks for the award, too!
    Matt ~ Yeah, the picture of that snow plow is enough to give me the willy-nillys. I love snow when I can look out the window at it - from complete warmth and comfort - and a full fridge - and full cabinets - and enough cold hard cash to turn up the heat to 80 degrees. I know....sick, but true.
    Julius ~ Gotta love that family. I guess that bike was better than schlepping. Can you imagine the fine you'd get in this country for being pulled over with your entire brood on the back of a motorbike?? Ha!
    ~ Nadja

  6. Glad you had a lovely holiday and I too look forward to jumper season! I am happier in cold weather as I burn in sun so I am all about autumn!

    Glad you are close to uploading...I am not sure I will ever go the indie route...it scares me too much and I am not very technology minded!

    My biggest fear in this whole writing thing? That the words aren't good, that the story is no goodm that I am no good. Wow, that is a big fear!

    Have a great week!

  7. I know how you feel about Autumn (although Summer beats it in my mind) there's something nice about wrapping up warm, when the sun's still shining. And of course kicking leaves!
    Good luck with the novel upload - very sensible backing it up, you probably won't need it, but I sometimes find things like that are good just for piece of mind.
    Have a good week!

  8. Oh, Em! I think we are all plagued by that fear from time to time. Don't listen! (I never do). Going Indie scared me at first, but after a lot of reading on the subject, indie is the right course for me. I'm free to go in any direction I like... I'm a fan of freedom. I also like doing things for myself - even though it scares the pants off me....ha!
    Newtowriting ~ piece of mind....that's what I'm going for right now. This week is making me feel 'frazzled'. Fantastic, bold, daring, and excited - but frazzled just the same. ~ Nadja

  9. I will try! Thank you for your comment over at my place...going to go and respond now!

  10. Glad to have done it, Em! Keep going. ~ Nadja

  11. Hi Nadja, I linked over here from the Campaign list. I'm glad you joined! I signed up the first day, I think, and the ride has been wild. So many great writers to meet!

    Your mention of computer challenges made me smile. I'm the same way, and last June, when I FINALLY finished prepping my novel for Kindle, I posted a blog about it. 40 HOURS OF TECHNO-ANGST! (That wasn't the post title, but the content conveyed it quite adequately.) You might enjoy reading it. Link is here:


    And I hope you'll stop by regardless!

  12. Hi Kate ~
    Great to meet you! I've had the best experience so far with everyone from the Campaign! Really fantastic!
    I was laughing out loud about your 'techno-angst'. I believe I had my blood pressure (which is normally quite low) up on the charts yesterday as I was formatting/uploading/converting/downloading...
    I think I was sweating, too. Ha! Looking forward to checking out your blogpage today!
    ~ Nadja