20 May 2011

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There are so many great authors who have inspired me over the years. I often wonder what it would be like to spend a day with them. If I could spend a day with only one, it would be so hard to choose. But in the end, I would have to go with JRR Tolkien. The man was seriously a genius and I imagine his brain would be kind of like mine, seeing something mundane and ordinary in a way no one else could even imagine. I can tell he is a very visual person, like me, by the vivid descriptions in his books. And I would also love to hear his opinion of Peter Jackson's interpretation of his vision.

So if you could spend a day with any author, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Hhhmmmm.....This is not an easy question to answer, because while I enjoy many authors' novels, I really don't know a thing about them personally.  Spending a day with them would certainly be enlightening, but what a debaucle it would be to discover that I disliked the person behind the stories.  Would it ruin my opinions of 'post visit' works?  I wonder.   
That being said, .....here goes.....
Mark Twain.  From the essays, short stories, and novels I've read, I believe that we would spend an enjoyable day in crotchety-like comraderie over social ills, stupidity, philosophy...etc., etc.,.....
His dark humor and dry wit make his writings some of the best I've read.  Personal favorites I would recommend are:
1.  A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court
2.  Advice To Young People (A commencment speech he once gave....no kidding)
3.  The Story of The Bad Little Boy
4.  Extracts From Adam's Diary
5.  Eve's Diary
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  1. I just love the Adam and Eve story from Twain. Before she came along, I could walk anywhere. Now there's a sign: Don't walk on the grass. What a hoot! But the end, when he talks about how much better his life was because she was in it always makes me choke up. Great stuff! And Twain's essay on the German language is a gut buster. You can't avoid laughing on that one.

  2. Hey Nadja,

    Yes, a tough question, that one. Mark Twain is a great answer though. Have you seen the two part mini series by Ken Burns about him. It is excellent. I would like to meet Stephen King, although I think his writing is a little uneven.

    Hope your writing is going well,


  3. Thank you Darrell. It is going swimmingly!
    I should have added the essay on the German language......Maria had it when she returned from Germany, and it was a hoot! ~ Nadja