15 May 2011

Sweet Sunday.......

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Progress On The Home Front.....

Claiming The Prize (Goodness it feels terrific having a title to type in here.....) is moving rapidly toward its conclusion.  I will probably meet my weekly word goal today, leaving me a few days to get ahead before Wednesday! 
This weekend I am writing a difficult scene.  Completely from my hero's point of view, this fight scene has drama.....and getting the logistics right while including only his perspective is a linguistic challenge!  I'm halfway finished, and today's work should conclude the scene nicely.  With around sixty pages to wrap up my novel, I'm feeling the crunch.  I get the sense that the first half of my novel plays out more slowly than the second, and am anxious to have my critique partner assess this situation, although I like that the story builds in intensity as it unfolds. 

A Novella In The Wings......

 Last week inspiration came upon me for a new novella.  A few hours with a fellow writer to craft a concise storyline enabled me to plot seven out of the ten chapters completely over this week, and I'm more than excited to get writing!  (Whoa there Noddy......first things first.....) I did tackle the opening, not being able to resist, but have decided that I will only allow myself the pleasure of sneaking in work on the novella once my weekly word count goals have been reached on my novel.  Let's just say that the dark, dangerous, brooding Baron I've conjured for this novella is currently consuming my free moments........mmmmm, de-lish! 

Inspiration........Sacré bleu!

Research subject number one displays ultra sexy body language....and those hands...."I can believable...", while subject number two has a physique delightful to behold.....

These two will still be here later....come back and enjoy them as often as you'd like. 
Have a successful week! ~ Nadja


  1. Think of the scene as though you are going through it, and supply the correct pronouns, and voila! As for the novella, I need details. The novel is awesome, so I don't want to be deprived of any other incredible ideas! The inspiration, I'm sure Michelangelo used them to sculpt the David. LOL

  2. Nice pics. Mmmmmm......this makes up for us missing our Friday check-out-the-guys work meeting. Talk about inspiration! I think I'll go write my Russian now. ;)

  3. You have done well - and what resolve not to write the new - impressive - good luck for next week - keep smiling

  4. Oof, I hate doing fight scenes. Good luck!

    Heh, cheating on your novel, eh? ;) Good encouragement for hitting those word count goals.

  5. Congrats on coming up with a title! And I know well the thrill of coming up with the idea for another story while still in the midst of a WIP. I came up with the seeds of 2nd tale the other day, and I'm trying really, really hard to keep from diving into it too intensely, because I don't want to lose focus on what I'm currently trying to finish.

  6. Love the title! I keep a notebook around for bursts of inspiration. I don't let myself follow them while I'm writing something else, because otherwise, I will never finish what I start, haha!

    I envy you your writing buddy. I have one and she is awesome, but she's completely out of commission with major back problems right now, so I'm bereft. :(

  7. Ha! 'Cheating on my novel'....I like it Katherine!
    Thanks for stopping by Jamila! It is a challenge not to delve into a new project, especially when the ideas are flowing.
    Thanks for the 'title love' Kate. I'm sorry to hear about your writing buddy being down. We all need that one (or more) person/people who understand us, get why we're doing what we're doing, who can listen to us as we work through a difficult passage or mourn the fact that we've killed off a favorite character. ~Nadja

  8. Hooeee! Now that's inspiration! Love your title by the way - isn't it exciting when the title finally shows up?