18 May 2011

Thoughts, Progress, and Personality.....

Hello To Everyone From Round Of Words!

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Wednesday is my 'deadline' day, and I've been a busy Nadja this week.  Once again I have exceeded my word count goals in Claiming The Prize, and I've written half of chapter one in the novella.  I also perused around some fellow participant's blogs, reading their ups and downs over the week.  Overall, it was really a great week. 
A new goal for the upcoming week is to create a list of titles for my new novella, narrowed to five choices by next Wednesday.  I'm excited to explore the possibilities .......

On the 16th, Kait Nolan posted 'Delayed Gratification - Just Say No', and I have to agree with her.  Eighty thousand words may seem an insurmountable task if viewed as a whole, but broken into smaller segments, say chapters or scenes or even one page at a time gives us the pleasure of meeting goals throughout the project.  I'm also a fan of rewarding myself.  Little things, as Kait claims, are indeed the best treats!  A trip to the tanning bed when it's rainy and gray outside (okay...this entire northeastern spring), shopping for new sandals, or a new book to devour are great pick-me-ups, and I work harder to 'allow' myself these little joys often. 
Early in the Round, I started setting a timer and writing in bursts of forty to sixty minutes.  These 'mini-goals', if you will, are extremely encouraging.  I can ignore the laundry, the lint on the floor, the paperwork awaiting my attention for forty minutes.  It's a double bonus!  I enjoy the accomplishment of having worked on my writing and still feel like I'm keeping on top of my household chores & teaching responsibilities. 
Treating myself takes on other forms as well.  I'm a night owl, and I take full advantage of the peace and quiet once everyone has turned in to indulge while I write.  Find what works for you.  I light a few scented tea lights and have hot tea or a glass of wine. (Note:  Chocolate may be enjoyed without guilt during this time)  This 'pampering' marks out my writing time as special - just for me - and more often than not, creativity flows.   
What are the things that make you feel pampered?  What rituals spark the creative muse for you? 

Author and friend, Julius Cicero, has posted the prologue to his current WIP.  Well worth the time to read; I heartily recommend a stop at his blog.
Deniz B.'s post at The Girdle of Melian, Re-Reading Your Old Work, reminds us to go back and see how we've changed over the course of time in our writing style.  Granted, I have no old novels or short stories to return to, but I have written countless essays on study materials, historical personalities researched, and journal entries.  Looking back over them is something I do....usually when I decide that the dust simply 'must go' from the countless bookshelves in my office/library room.  It's great to see myself through eyes that are now more mature......
~ Nadja


  1. Exceeded your word count? You deserve a pat on the back. Here: Pat.Pat.Pat Have three.

    Beautiful blog btw

  2. Great job on the word count, Nadja. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I also pamper myself with hot tea every now and then(I know, I'm a prime example of excitement). One of the simplest rituals of inspiration to me is to stare at the stars, because I love astronomy. It sparks imagination for my fantasy and sci-fi writings.

  3. I'm so glad you stopped by McKenzie...and thanks for the 'blog design love'. It took many hours of fiddling with 'code' that I didn't have a clue about, but I sure did learn from the experience.
    Julius......keep staring at the stars! I can't say enough how great I think your prologue is. ~ Nadja

  4. Hey, coming through to say hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. (It sounds like I've never met you before! LOL). I'm unsure about a title for the new novella--yours, that is. What about a title that focuses on him? I think he's the title inspiration this time.

  5. Absolutely, Gabrielle! I think the title should focus on him also. Friday night brainstorming session? lol. ~ Nadja

  6. Isn't it fun looking at old journal entries? A lot of my old writing has all kinds of diary type notes in the margins, that let's me know what was going on in my life while I was writing specific stories and poems.

  7. Oh, boy. I have kept all my old novel starts and short stories. They aren't pretty. I recently dug up some of the short stories for a looksie, though, and I think a few of them are worth revising. :)
    My goal is 70,000 words, but I try not to think about how far I have. I just tell myself to try and hit those 1600 words a day. If I do that, I just MIGHT make it. :)
    Good luck!!!