13 May 2011

What's In A Name?

Drum Roll, Please...........

Claiming The Prize, by Nadja Notariani

As many of you already know, my novel has remained woefully nameless for months.  The poor little thing sat on the sidebar under the pitiful banner of 'Still Un-Titled', bearing its shame as regally as could be expected, waiting patiently for me to splash a fantastic tag above its growing word count status. 
Under normal circumstances I jump at the opportunity to bequeath a name, but the 'perfect' name for my novel eluded me.  One of my great friends, my son, and my husband all contributed great ideas, but finding the words that captured the essence of the novel proved to be a greater challenge than writing it!

Okay, Okay....I've prattled on long enough.  The novel's title has been settled.  Claiming The Prize should be completed by June 23.  Allowing myself eight weeks to type it and an additional two for my beta readers/editor to scour it for typing errors/grammar foibles/awkward or unnecessary words...etc, should put edits occurring around the end of August.  If all goes well, I will be ready for publishing in September!  Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself....maybe not.  For today excitement wins out and I give in, indulging big dreams.  ~ Nadja


  1. I looooove the title! Too bad for me, I'm still untitled. I can't wait to hear more, and read more excerpts (pretty, pretty please!)

  2. Great title, Nadja! I'm having trouble naming my WIP too. Sometimes I come up with titles on the spot and sometimes I'm completely uncreative...like right now. Oh, well, hopefully I have a stroke of genius like you did.

  3. Love the title! Next is the novella....I bet that comes a lot easier. :)

  4. From your lips to God's ears, Gabrielle! Julius.....(((thanks)))! You will come up with a fabulous title. Latin root words will come in handy.
    Komal....I certainly appreciate your position. I struggled to come to a decision on this title for quite some time. (And drove my critique partner crazy with my indecisiveness, I'm sure. What a trooper she was!) It will come; and when it does you'll heave a sigh of relief mixed with a dose of pride. ~ Nadja