01 May 2011

ROW80 Check-In 01 May, 2011

Updates, Updates, Updates........Checking In For The First Sunday In May.

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It's a beautiful day in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and I had high hopes of sitting on my backyard patio set furiously writing away under a blue sky.  But clouds are moving in, seriously deflating those hopes.  Maybe I'll have to settle for writing under a grayish sky.....Sigh.  I am on track to meet my Wednesday goals provided I 'handle my business' today.  This afternoon I will travel to New Jersey with my oldest son to get in a great practice at a wrestling club, which will take three hours round trip.  The practice lasts for an hour and a half, so I'm hoping for a productive 90 minutes while I wait. 

Last night was great fun here!  UFC 129 promised to be a terrific card, and it didn't disappoint.  The GSP bout was a little slow moving, causing me to wonder if the hype over Shields had affected St-Pierre's confidence.  If the fighters meet again - and after last night that seems to be a certainty - George should run a clinic on the man.  Shields is a great fighter, but a loose and confident GSP is, for now, the standard at 170 pounds.  On top of all this, St-Pierre had some injury to his eye in the second round.  Reports say the fighter still cannot see.  Hope the injury is not serious.  Hats off to Rory MacDonald for his impressive victory over Diaz, and a huge shout out to Mark Hominick for his incredible heart.  Living in a house full of males, I am forever watching wrestling, boxing, and the favorite - MMA.  I admit to loving it almost as much as they do.....  My sister takes the award for best comment of the week.  My son had a post about getting ready for the GSP fight and her response had me laughing out loud.  What was it?......."Mmmmmm, Canadian Bacon....."  Ha! 

Items of interest I found in my weekly travels around ROW80 and a Friday blog hop....
A Taste Of Love's Master , the new novella by Gabrielle Bisset sounds great.  Also, Happy Anniversary to Julee over at  Fate And Faith

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Write, Write, Write..........~ Nadja


  1. Some of the more profound ideas will come when you're busy and can't write. Some will occur under blue skies, others when it's cloudy. But never fear, the events in life are the main driving force and spark of inspiration.

  2. I think the rain is coming over our way too. Must... get off computer... and edit more...

  3. Don't worry about the clouds, I'm sure you'll hit your goals by Wednesday :)

    I also love the snippet of Gabrielle's story. She's such an awesome writer!

  4. Thanks for the link! I'm glad you like it. I hope to be finished with it within the next week or so. BUT.....then there's the typing. (Sorry, I wrote the T word! lol)