29 April 2011

Follow Friday For Writers

Thanks For Stopping By For Follow Friday For Writers , hosted by Elizabeth Sharp at Sharp Words

This week Elizabeth asks, "Who has been most supportive of your writing?"

The addition of the word 'most' makes answering this question a near impossiblility.  My husband is pretty supportive...(he believes I will sell a million books and facilitate his early retirement.  Most likely pipe dreams, but I love that he dreams big!  That's support.)  My fantastic friend Leslie has been a great listener and willing test subject, which are two invaluable assets as I make my way through this novel.  My sister, Rachel, is unmatched when it comes to discussing ideas, plots, and conflicts. You can always trust your sister (well, at least this brutally honest sister) to give it to you straight.  Whether she advises, "Shread it and try again, chickie," or "Love it! Keep it!" you know you're getting her honest opinion.  Last but certainly not least is my brother, Mark.  Extremely intelligent, creatively gifted, and analytical, my brother takes in my words and examines them.  He notices things I miss.  He gives a reader's perspective.  He asks how much I've written, how my writing is going, if I'm meeting my goals; he tells me that I can do this - and that I do it well.  

These pillars of support work in tandem, together forming the 'most' that I cannot relate into a singular person. ~ Nadja


  1. Thanks for stopping by Nadja! It's lovely to meet you. Isn't it wonderful to have people like your brother always pushing and encouraging us? I love that. And I think I need your sister Rachel to read my book too! :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Many pillars make for incredible support! You're blessed to have such support in your life for your work!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Pavarti. Support is such a necessity to my writing. Alone, I am in a vacuum - hearing only my thoughts, my own perceptions, but within relationship I discover the thoughts, mood, feeling, and 'soul' that my writing evokes in others.
    And yes, Julius, I am blessed indeed. ~ Nadja

  4. How great you have family support! We do need an objective look at our work. BTW, I had a little bit of a hard time reading the black type of your post--the lighter type of the comments is much easier. Please stop by mine (http://fateandfaith-julee.blogspot.com/2011/04/follow-friday-and-it-just-keeps-getting.html) and give me your ideas. Have a super week and we'll see you next Friday.

  5. Yes, Julee....I don't know why the post's text appeared like that!? It isn't showing up black on my page, but a very dull color. I'll be tinkering around with my text widgets. ~ Nadja

  6. My wife has been most supportive. She is truly my tower of strength. Darrell.