05 April 2011

Goal Setting, Accountability, Encouragement, and New Acquaintances - All In One Stop!


A fellow author suggested I check out Round Of Words In 80 Days, which is a site dedicated to helping writers set goals, prioritize, assess goals, encourage others, and advance skill.  I was impressed when I visited, so I have signed up for the challenge!  Click the link above for more information .........

Setting goals is always scary for me!  I'm too often worried that I won't meet them due to my busy life as a wife/mother/teacher/absolute clean-freak......etc., so I neglect to carve out time for writing.  ROW80 will have check-ins each Sunday and Wednesday, and having that accountability will help me to 'push on' when I'm feeling like an early bedtime or tempted to spend my writing time reading. 

Nadja's Goals For ROW80 ~
I am working on my first novel, which I'm temporarily calling The Slovakian.  I'm not sure that title will stick, but it has won the title of...well, title by default for now.  I am currently at about 45,000 words, and I hope to reach 80,000 by the end of my 80 days!  That's almost 3500 words a week (or about 15 pages), which is a lofty goal for me, as I have been averaging 2000-2400 words a week. 

 My second goal is to begin the unhappy job of typing those words.......(yes, I have them written out longhand....no, I don't write on a computer.....yes, I'm practically medieval....and UGH!  No!  I haven't typed a word of it!!!!)  I am a fairly quick typist, but when typing large amounts, my fingers reach a point where they absolutely refuse to behave.  All of a sudden,  left thinks it's right, right is convinced it's left,......... and people are 'dink' instead of kind, and 'eyes' become 'yeys'.  My goal is to type for 1/2 hour each day.  No exceptions!  Actual word count is unimportant, I just want to discipline myself to work on it every day.  

Third, I will committ to visiting at least 2 author's pages per week.  I am new to writing, blogging, and the world of authors and publishers, and I want to make new acquaintences, share ideas, encourage, and be encouraged.  Writing is immensely satisfying for me, and I want to meet others who share that passion.  Having made a few friends who write has made a world of difference for me!  I love reading excerpts, blogposts sharing what they are currently working on, and their feedback on my thoughts, too.  

Ready for a ROW80......................


  1. Welcome to the goals! That's a lot of writing and typing....oh, the typing. :( God help us! At least we have a critique partner. Please let me know if I'm using modern words when I think they're from yesteryear. LMAO

  2. Ha! That's great.....
    Yes, please read my latest excerpt and let me know what you think...wouldn't want to be in the wrong century (or milenium...lol).
    I'm feeling a little sick over the typing. But I can't begin until I get off my lazy keester and grab office works. I can't abide this computer's lackluster program any longer. ~Nadja

  3. Loved the Action excerpt. It was an adrenaline rush similar to a gladiator entering the arena. Well done!~Julius

  4. Thanks so much Jules! I had hoped I had hit the mark with that scene.......your approval is appreciated. ~Nadja

  5. I also loved the romance one, though I'm rather poorly versed in that language. The setting was not only picturesque, but Norman Rockwell at the same time!