22 April 2011

Friday Blog Hop For Writers

   Follow Friday Hosted by Sharp Words
Welcome to the Writer’s Follow Friday Blog Hop! Not sure if you qualify? If you have a blog to add, guess what, you’re a writer! So check out the rules, grab the link and join the hop! We’re small for now, but we hope to continue to grow.

This week’s featured guest is Michelle Ferguson of Michelle Ferguson Books .

How do you join in the fun? So glad you asked. It’s really quite simple.

The rules
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enough boring stuff about me, I feel like I just answered a online dating 

This weeks question:
For me one of the most useful tool in my writing arsenal is Urban dictionary. What is your most referred to website for your writing?
I'm certain it is Google/Bing.  I constantly search for information using these two search engines.  I put post it notes on the sides of my writing (yes, I'm still writing long hand.  It makes me happy and I confess to loving the smell and feel of good 'old fashioned' paper.)  and later Google/Bing all my questions/ideas.  These websites have replaced my thesaurus, dictionary, encyclopedia, as well as saving me countless trips to the library (although I still do frequent our local library).  I also depend on these sites for images.  Recently I was researching the city of Bratislava, Slovakia.  The images  from Google were extremely helpful in aiding my description of certain parts of the city.  With a few taps on my battered keyboard, I had the city's map before me, knew the locations of various districts, and was able to see homes on the market and even take a few virtual tours.  All I can say is, "Thanks Google!  You make researching one of my favorite parts of writing."  ~ Nadja

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  1. I am just like you in that I utilize both Google and old-fashioned books. I love convenience, but I loooooove opening a book.

  2. Confession.... I like to smell the pages. ~ Nadja

  3. Google, wikipedia and dictionary.com for me. I've been meaning to buy a hard copy dictionary. I'll probably get to it soon. Stay well and keep writing! Darrell.