15 April 2011

      Follow Friday ~ A Blog Hop For Writers......
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This week, our host asks........

This week's question is: Shakespeare asked What's in a name? But we all know better. So let's talk about names, specifically our blog's name. How did you come up with yours?
I went with the straightforward approach when choosing my blog name.  As an author, I am currently working on a romance novel, but you never know what idea might take hold of me for my next book, so I went with something that will be appropriate no matter what genre I delve into!  I added a bit of my personality to the blog through my background and images, and of course, through my posts. 
Happy Friday everyone.....and welcome to the weekend!


  1. According to my favorite social networking guru Kristen Lamb, you named your blog perfectly.
    And it is gorgeous! Love the colors and the print!

  2. What a pretty background! And Pam, I started following Kristen Lamb too. Nice to meet you and see you next Friday!

    You all are welcome to stop by my blog:

  3. Yes, writing and publishing is an adventure. You picked the perfect name.

  4. Hey girl! I tried this before but my crack internet service wouldn't let me stay to complete the comment. Modern technology! I like the name of your blog. Being a writer sure is an adventure.

  5. I think your name is appropriate for your current work, and think it'll work for what all follows. The only problem I had was answering the question before I went to work. Early morning brain fart.

  6. Thanks Pamela & Julee! I actually added the background and header last week. At first I worried it was too much color, but it's grown on me, and I love it.
    Julius.....early mornings can be a ...well, we all know what. Ha!
    Victoria.....Yes, adventure is a good word for what we deal with...sometimes I would like to add the words 'roller-coaster'.
    See you all next week. Happy Writing Everyone! ~Nadja

  7. I had to go with Tolkien :-) He's inspired me the most, for the longest time, so my blog title had to refer to him in some way.
    Oh, and you've won a prize on my blog! Thanks again for your help with my contest entry for the awesome line.

  8. I, Nadja, have won something!? Lol. Fantastic. I'm glad the line helped.
    Tolkien's work has inspired so many...I'm not suprised. I've always been a fan of C. S. Lewis. His book, The Great Divorce, is a personal favorite. ~Nadja

  9. Oh yes, I love rereading Lewis' work. I'm reading his diaries for the first time right now.