13 April 2011

Nadja Notariani ROW80 Check-In 13 April, 2011

Finishing Up My First Week...........

Today marks my second check-in, signalling the end of week one.  I'm happy to report that I did, in fact, meet my 3500 word mark!  I'm happy to report that I did, in fact, exceed my goal to visit at least two author's pages!  I didn't, however, type a word of my novel.  I thought to purchase Microsoft Office over this coming weekend, but a fellow author and friend suggested  downloading Open Source , a free alternative.  I'm all about saving my money for more pleasurable activities (typing doesn't break my top 100 things to do...lol), such as a new wine making kit or my 'super-luxurious-vacation-fund'. 

Round of Words in 80 Days

ROW80 is still open if you are interested in joining up.  The round continues through late June, so there's plenty of 'goal reaching' time left.  The link above the image will take you directly to the ROW80 blog page where you can read all the posts of the current round. 
 I've enjoyed visiting other author's pages more than I expected to.  Thinking that it would take away from the precious little time I have for writing, I worried.  In fact, the opposite has proven true.  I've been encouraged and even challenged!  Over at Deniz Bevan's Blog the author posted a request for 'an awesome line' for one of her novels, and since I enjoy this sort of thing, I jumped right in.  I keep going back to check for other lines, and can't wait to see her final choice. 

Most importantly, I discovered something about myself as a writer.  It was accidental, I assure you, but nonetheless satisfying.  Feeling the time crunch during the week, I had only 40 minutes before I had to take one of my sons for his MMA sessions.  I set my timer to 'remind' me when it was time to leave.  It was the most productive writing time I'd had all week for such a short time period.  So, I've switched from sitting down to complete 'x' number of pages or words, and started allotting myself a set time to write before stopping.  I like the freedom to just write until the timer goes off, and my boys love knowing the exact moment I will be available for 'requests' again. 

Hope your week has been great! ~ Nadja


  1. Great week of writing for both of us! Congrats to us! And definitely save your money. Open Source is as good as Word.


  2. Congratulations on meeting your word count goal, Nadja! And I'm so glad that ROW80 has allowed us to meet! Also, I agree that setting aside a certain amount of time for writing is more conducive to productivity than trying to get a certain number of pages or words, at least for me. I have a word count in mind every day, but I just focus on the timer. I do 20-30 minute sprints with writer friends until I've hit my goal for the day. SO fun! We should sprint together sometime!

    Happy writing!

  3. Way to go on your goals this week! I, too, have found working with a timer is the key to "writing hot". It seems to turn off the old Infernal Editor quite nicely.

  4. Thanks for the shout out Nadja - and thanks for the great line suggestion! Congratulations, too, on meeting your goals. If you'd like to try Scrivener for Windows, a lot of my friends swear by that programme for keeping their writing and research organized all in one place.
    (Love the wallpaper on your background by the way)

  5. Very well done with your goals! :)

    I have to use a timer, because I have health problems that mean I have to pace myself really carefully. But I have to try to forget that it's going, or it makes my brain freeze up! :D Seriously, nothing that ticks would be any good to me. I'd just sit there and quiver. :D

  6. Thanks everyone! I'll have to check out scrivener too. I hope you are coming along with your 'awesome line' ideas.
    I'd love to sprint sometime, Claire! I've never tried it...but I like the shorter burst of writing idea.
    And as for our great week Gabrielle....you know I'm looking forward to our Friday night routine. ~Nadja