10 April 2011

Nadja Notariani's ROW80 Goals Update 04 April

My First Check In........

I joined this cycle of ROW80 last Tuesday evening, so this is my first check-in.  I'm happy to report that I'm more than half way to my weekly goal of 3500 words mid way through my first week (I haven't written yet for today), reaching 2120 words last night!  I'm hoping to write about 5 pages today, which will leave me only about 50 words shy of my weekly goal.  This would be a perfect scenario, as I teach during the week and have little time for writing Monday through Friday. 

Visiting at least two author's pages per week has been the easiest part of completing my goals.  I have already exceeded my weekly goal, and have enjoyed seeing other's goals and learning about their writing projects. 

Sadly, I have not typed my half hour a day I committed to......in fact, I haven't typed a word.  I'm not satisfied with the program on my computer, and have decided to purchase Microsoft Office next weekend.  Then I will have to' man-up' and get to typing.  My adorable husband offered to type for me.....and my lack of ambition tempts me to take him up on his generous offer (I'm certain he has no idea what he's actually offering......), but the sad fact is that he is possibly the worst typist on the planet, making his offer nothing more than a mirage in the desert of words I am surrounded by.....sigh.

Overall, it has been a satisfying couple of days.  Productivity is high, ideas are flowing, and Nadja's a happy woman. 


  1. Congratulations on meeting your goals! I'm with you on writing long hand - scenes simply don't flow if I try to draft on the computer. One good thing about having to type up all those words later, though, is that you can do some editing while typing!

  2. You know how I feel about the hand writing. The typing is the bad part. The writing is far more enjoyable.

  3. Well done on meeting your goals!

  4. Ha! Yes, I'm still a fan of pencil and paper. And you are so right about the edits during typing. Now.....to keep on toward Wednesday's goals!! ~ Nadja

  5. well done on your acheivments this week - I can't write anything worth keeping long hand - it's on the screen all the way

  6. Awesome job! I like that there are a still a few who write long hand first :) I like to do my outlines in long hand and use arrows/circles to "show" me where my WIP is going!