27 April 2011

ROW80 Updates ~ 04272011

Hello Everyone!  Thanks For Stopping By Today's Round Updates........

It is goal day for this writer.  Thirty-five hundred-plus words written is a sweetness to relay (at least that they are written, I cannot say they will be sweet to type into the book file on my computer).  Over the week, I visited A Round Of Words to read one of the guest posts.  It talked about setting deadlines. ( Click here to read Make The Deadline Real)  I have enjoyed such success with setting weekly goals since joining this 'Round' that I think I will try on a deadline.  So, I've set June 23, 2011, as the deadline for the novel's completion.  A sense of apprehension accompanies this statement.  Can I complete my story in the set time-frame?  Will I rush because I feel the deadline looming over my shoulder as the date nears?  And ultimately....... The novel's completion places me one step closer to submissions to publishers.  What if no one likes my story?  These thoughts swirl through my mind.  I confront them by setting the deadline.  I push them aside and pick up my notebook and pencil. 
~ Nadja


  1. While I'm quite a long way from completion, I fully understand your apprehension, having encountered many who doubted and made pessimistic remarks about pursuing my dream of writing. Don't rush yourself to meet the deadline, but avoid overshooting it. And don't worry about publishers not liking your story, they will. Particularly if you show them that you're unwilling to accept their dismissal as 'that's it'. You'll make it.

  2. Good luck with your deadline! Gosh, I wonder if my editing might be finished by that date?

  3. Don't worry about publishers. That's wasted time. Write what you want and what you're happy with. :)

  4. Thanks! I do intend to write what I love....but that unwanted little imp called self-doubt sometimes creeps into my mind and messes with my 'mojo'.
    Thankfully, he's gone today. ~ Nadja

  5. A good steel-toe boot will kick him away!