24 April 2011

Easter Sunday.....Celebration, Cooking, and Check-In

Happy Resurrection Day Everyone! 

Another Sunday check-in has come around for the participants of A Round of Words in 80 Days and I can merrily confess to being ahead of schedule with my weekly goals.  My usual routine is to hang out on Friday nights with two great friends at a local coffee/book shop.  We let off some steam concerning our work, browse the shelves in search of a good story, indulge in cinnamon cookies, and laugh.  Mostly, we laugh.  (Okay, we also take a sneaky-peek at some delightful creatures that the Lord has blessed with....well....charms, let's say.  Unfortunately, they are only found online.  We have never seen one 'in the wild'.)

This week, our plans had to be cancelled, much to my dismay, but it allowed me to add another block of time for writing.  I even plotted out the next two chapters, and I, Nadja, am not known for disciplined plotting.  It was necessary, as certain story elements must happen before Drago's next match while allowing a fixed amount of time to pass between them as well.  Also, I discovered that calculations were needed to accommodate  the time difference between Hamburg and Philadelphia....(Five hour time difference, then add in for daylight savings due to the season...)  I felt like a mathematician, meteorologist, and life coach that night!  Anyway, suffice to say I made it through. 

On a lighter note, I watched The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston and Yule Brenner last night.  What a fantastic movie!  It was certainly ahead of its time.  The significance to my post is this.....Obviously, Charlton Heston was the hero, being Moses.  Everyone loves Moses - especially the wily temptress Nefertiti.  Unfortunately, I loved Ramses.......the horrible, cruel (may I add powerful and beautiful to behold in here too) Pharaoh.  Alas!  It is my lot in life.  Annually, I watch and think Nefertiti a fool...which leaves me to ponder my preferences.  I'd love to get some feedback from others on this topic....Which is it, ladies?  (Men can choose between angelic and devilish heroines too)  Moses or Ramses?  Robin Hood or the Sheriff of Nottingham?  Count Dracula or his hunters? 
~ Nadja


  1. You know I love the bad guy. And as for seeing our guys in the wild, I simply want to know what zoo or "wildlife" preserve I have to visit to find Woden and his kind. I'd visit that zoo....often...;)

  2. I love the bad boy who turns out to be the good boy in the end. The rough-tough-hard-as-nails exterior that hides a marshmallow! Must be what attracted me to my husband!

    Congrats on meeting your goal!

  3. Awesome getting ahead on your weekly goals!

    I know a lot of people fall for the bad guys, but I still tend to fall for the good guys. I've never actually watched the Ten Commandments all the way through. It's on my to watch list.

  4. Being a dude, I vote for Yul Brenner because he's always in awesome roles(i.e. The Magnificent Seven). Don't get me wrong, Charleton Heston has played a lot of incredible roles as well.

  5. Er, well, I do love Alan Rickman as Snape, so let me go with the Sheriff of Nottingham this time. Not sure that's what I'd choose in real life, however...
    Glad to hear you got more writing time - and Happy Easter!

  6. I'll always pull for the bad guy, but only if he's complex enough to allow for at least the hint of redemption. So, villain with a vulnerable streak? Or hero with a dark side? Either one goes. Or I suppose I could just say polymoral. That fits, I suppose. Glad you had a good Easter!

  7. I don't normaly approve of the bad guys but if we are talking actors well Yul wins hands down over Charlston who is a prize wimp (my opinion)

    all the best with next weeks goals

  8. I will happily report that the 'right' bad guy seems to be a hit! (Old Yul seems to have tipped the scales.......Yum.) ~ Nadja