27 June 2012

Lucky Seven?

Home again!  It's bittersweet....

Darling Daughter #2 is off at the Naval Academy, Plebe summer is underway.  She was a bundle of nervous energy, excitement warring with nerves as she crossed the concrete expanse that would separate her from us until August.  I know, I know...she's grown and off on her own life adventures, but honestly, all I could think of as I watched her go was how she still was my little girl.  I've a touch of melancholy.  I'm bursting with pride.  I'm ... missing her.

She treated me to my first pedicure during her visit.  Oh!  What fun that was.  I'm sure I'll want to go again now that I've experienced that wonderfulness.  We also ordered in, watched Lost, and simply sat quietly, commenting here and there.  She's a lot like me in that she enjoys solitude and quiet.  The boys all went camping, so we had the weekend to ourselves.  Darling Daughter #1 came by Friday night - and took me for drinks!  We had so much fun.  It's rare that I get to spend such alone time with my girls and I drank in every minute. 

The drive to Annapolis was pleasant, and the city was gorgeous.  The roundabout in city central offered shops galore, eateries, and scenery of the water.  The Naval Academy grounds were equally beautiful, and a peaceful quiet enveloped the campus.  Of course, I had to have crabcakes!  One cannot go to Maryland and not enjoy crab...THAT would be a crime.  Ha!

Claudia Lefeve tagged me in her Lucky Seven post, so below I'll offer something from my current WIP.  Here's the rules: (although my selection goes a bit beyond what is required)
Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
Go to line 7
Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences exactly as they are
Tag 7 other authors

Page 7, A Practical Arrangement (Tentative Title) © Nadja Notariani, 2012

Jonathan exchanged pleasantries with mother and auburn haired daughter leaving Thomas directly under the steady gaze of Miss Grey.  The very steady gaze.
'It has been quite some time, Miss Grey,' Thomas addressed her, ending the silent stand off.  'I trust you are well.'
Those brown eyes regarded him curiously a long moment.
'Quite,' she made her reply, adding nothing more.
Thomas studied the plain Miss Grey, weighing how best to proceed.  Ramrod straight spine, shoulders squared smartly, head high, the woman projected a confident air.  At least most would coddle such nonsense.  Thomas pegged it as uptight, inhibited.  Intriguing perhaps.
'Are you active in Mrs. Castille's bid to clothe the needy?'
Again, that assessing gaze pinned him to the fringes of awkwardness.  Her eyes brightened ever so slightly then.
'Yes, I am.  I do hope you will consider doing your part.  Outfitting the farmer's children will greatly ease the burden on their families and make their work more bearable during the cold winter.'
It was the most Thomas had ever heard her speak at once.  Of course, a few years had passed since he'd spoken with her at all.
'Your hope is not in vain, Miss Grey.  I shall aid your worthy cause just to please you.'  Thomas flashed his most charming grin at the small creature before him, confident of receiving a flirtatious smile in return.
Dash it all!  No smile seemed forthcoming.
'Mr. Masterson, think not of pleasing me nor any other.  It is our duty to help others less fortunate than ourselves without thought of reward.'
Plain Evangeline Grey did not make it easy to keep things lighthearted, he mused.
'Yes.  Of course you are correct.  Now, if you will excuse me, Miss Grey, I must seek my aunt.'
'Oh, certainly!  Give my regards to Mrs. Platte.'
Was that a smile that kissed the corners of her mouth?
'It was pleasant to speak with you.  Good evening.' 
With that, Miss Grey turned to seek her sister and Thomas found himself dismissed.  How it had come about remained a muddle.  Hadn't he, Thomas Masterson, sought to escape what proved a tiresome conversation?  Yet here he stood, staring after an empty spot, vacated without a backward glance - or even a pause for him to make his reply. 
How unexpected.

I'm not much for tagging...so I'll invite any interested to join in!  Happy Writing.

 ~ Nadja


  1. Navy?! Good luck to her!!!

  2. Yes...Navy! My husband is practically bursting...(former Navy man) as is my father and my husband's father (also both Navy men). He's all set to attend the Army/Navy game this year with my dad! Oh Brother!

    Thank you for the well wishes. She's nervous about performing well!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the time with your kiddos. Funny, reading this, I finally remembered to schedule my pedicure - gift certificate from my birthday :) Thanks! lol


  4. I just got a pedicure today! What a fun coincidence, Nadja. So glad to hear you have such a great relationship with your girls.

    An intriguing excerpt. I especially liked this line, "Was that a smile that kissed the corners of her mouth?" Lovely :-)

    1. Thanks, Angela! I'm loving this historical piece I'm writing currently. The characters are easy to write (...I sure hope I hit on charactrs like these in the future...lol)

      And your book will be coming out shortly...right?? I'll be sure to feature it!

  5. The Naval Academy is beautiful as is the city. We enjoyed many fall weekends there when one of my former students played football for the Middies.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Susan! It was great to find Susquehanna Writers!

      Yes, the grounds at Annapolis were beautiful!