02 June 2012

Writing Links Worth Perusing...

Today, I'm linking back to a post by Juliana Haygart .  This writer shared a lengthy collection of wonderful writing links, and I wanted to pass them along.  There are a few I've featured in the past, but that's okay.  Enjoy!

Twelve writers woes and the books to cure them.
Developmental and Structural editing.
Writing toward your midpoint.
Save the Snyder: The Blake Snyder Beat Sheet.
Making depressing character likable.
Ten things you should know about endings.
Reasons agents stop.
25 Reasons I hate your main character.
Writing advice from C.S. Lewis.
Stress Less, Write More.
Man up! Writing male POV.
What about characters who don’t match stereotypical male and female qualities.
Women are from Venus, Men are annoying.
Male POV.
What if our story idea has already been done.
What’s my motivation tips on showing.
Re-write Wednesday: First look at first.
Basics dorky dialogue.
Show don’t tell, what the hell!
Why show don’t tell.
Standing on my skyscraper.
Editing Tips on Tightening.
That’s so annoying: Adding small problems to the plot.
What’s at stake? Who do you make readers care for your story?
Using 12 stages of physical intimacy to build tension.
12 steps of Intimacy.
How to wow the editor with your first 3 chapters.
Common query problem, also Kung Fu Panda.
Before fingers touch Keyboard, my 6 pre-writing steps.
Save the cat!
Screenplay structure.
4 ways to hook your readers and keep them.
5 ways novelists can benefit from watching movies and tv-shows.
Does every scene need a goal?
Delete, delete, delete!
Oh, what now? Fixing a stalled scene.
How to dish out backstory in digestible bites.
How to write a perfect first draft.
9 squares to plotting fiction.
How to write a 1 page synopsis.
The hero’s journey.
Katy’s Upperman writing process.
On passive voice.
Secret trick.
4 tips on plotting your novel.
25 things to know about writing the first chapter.
Query Series: April Tucholke and Joanna Volpe.

 ~ Nadja


  1. Awesome list!! Bookmarking so I can check out the ones I've missed. Thanks Nadja!