08 June 2012

Shameless Summer Giveaway Hop!

Happy To Be Joined Up For The Shameless Summer Giveaway Hop...

Hosted by --Jen (Red Hot Books), Brie (Romance Around the Corner) & Michelle (Michelle's Book Blog)

The Shameless Summer Hop is coming up in June. Like last time, there aren't a lot of rules. We just ask that you have your post up by 12:00am EST on Friday, June 8th and keep it up through 11:59pm on Friday, June 15th. Please include the button & the link to the full list of participating blogs. That's it.

Hello fellow Shameless Ones!  Welcome to my giveaway...Here are the prizes!

First Prize - Amazon ebook of my paranormal romance, The Third Fate and a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card.

Second Prize - Amazon ebook of my paranormal romance, The Third Fate, and an Amazon ebook of my historical romance novella, Her Dark Baron.

Third Prize - Amazon ebook of my paranormal romance, The Third Fate.

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Have a great day - and best of everything to you!

~ Nadja

The other participant blogs are:
Visit all the great blogs participating in the hop!
1. Red Hot Books (Int.) 60. Sorcha Mowbray
2. Romance Around the Corner (Int) 61. Dara Young
3. Michelle's Book Blog (Int) 62. Lucy Felthouse (INT)
4. Cocktails and Books (int) 63. Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
5. Herding Cats & Burning Soup (INT) 64. Dani Harper, Paranormal Author (INT)
6. HEA-Reads (US/CAN) 65. Dianne Duvall, PNR Author (INT)
7. Pants Off Reviews (INT) 66. Carly Fall - Where Fantasy Meets Romance (INT)
8. Natasha Blackthorne (Int) 67. Elise Marion
9. Book Flame (INT) 68. Bookwhore (INT)
10. Miss Vains Paranormal Fantasy (Int) 69. Dark Haven Book Reviews (Int)
11. maldivianbookreviewer (INT) 70. H.B. Pattskyn (INT)
12. The Bookaholic Cat (INT) 71. Sandra Bunino (INT)
13. The Jeep Diva (US & INT) 72. Sara Daniel Romance Author (INT)
14. Attacking The Page (US/Can) 73. Addictive Passions
15. Gabrielle Bisset (INT) 74. Jessica E. Subject (INT)
16. Delighted Reader (INT) 75. Nix @ Scorching Book Reviews
17. Grace@LivreDeAmour-BooksofLove 76. Full Moon Bites
18. Ink Spots and Roses (INT) 77. Michelle Clay
19. Cecile Smutty Hussy (Int.) 78. Kimberly @ Turning The Pages (INT)
20. Mary @SweepingMe (INT) 79. Rhys Astason (INT)
21. That's What I'm Talking About (US/CAN) 80. Holley Trent (INT)
22. Another Look Book Reviews (CAN/US) 81. Leila Brown
23. Jess resides here ( US ) 82. Little Read Riding Hood (INT)
24. Wendi Zwaduk 83. K.E. Saxon
25. Megan Slayer 84. Pagan Spirits (INT)
26. The Book Nympho (Int) 85. Minding Spot (US)
27. Obscured Vixen 86. Kat Halstead
28. Lucy V. Morgan (INT) 87. Sarah Mäkelä (Int)
29. Goldilox and the Three Weres (INT) 88. Diane Thorne - Erotic Romance
30. Joyfully Jay 89. Cassandra Dean (INT)
31. Addicted2Heroines (Int) 90. Narcisse Navarre - Khajj.com (INT)
32. Tiffany Snow (US) 91. Naomi Bellina (INT)
33. Anna's Book Blog (US) 92. Nadja Notariani (US/Can)
34. Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks (Intl) 93. Lola Dodge (INT)
35. Steph / Fangs, Wands, & Fairy Dust 94. Crystals Random Thoughts (US)
36. A Bookworm's Treasure Trove (Int) 95. Talk Supe (INT)
37. Frankie Blooding 96. Day Dreaming (INT)
38. My Book Chatter (INT) 97. The Book Tart (INT)
39. AwesomeSauce Book Club (INT) 98. CarI Bella
40. Pearls Cast Before a McPig (INT) 99. Malia Mallory (INT)
41. Mary Abshire-Paranormal Rom/UF (Int) 100. SalaciousReads (INT)
42. Riverina Romantics (INT) 101. Diva Jefferson (US/INT)
43. Tyra's Book Addiction (INT) 102. Blackraven's Erotic Cafe (INT)
44. Nite Lite (INT) 103. Fictional Candy (INT)
45. FOR THE LOVE OF READING! (INT) 104. Proserpine Craving Books (INT)
46. Nocturne Romance Reads (US/CAN) 105. Mimmi
47. Felicity Heaton, PNR author (INT) 106. Dominique Eastwick (INT)
48. Damaris @ Good Choice Reading 107. The Wiccan Haus
49. Jessica Scott 108. Erato GLBT (INT)
50. Urban Girl Reader (INT) 109. Kayla @ Reading On The Wild Side (INT)
51. Candace Blevins 110. Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle
52. Hannah Fielding 111. Tonya Kinzer
53. Jennifer DeLucy - Paranormal Author 112. KH LeMoyne (US/CAN)
54. Hot Listens (US/INT) 113. Reading Romances (INT)
55. My Secret Romance 114. Eden Connor (INT)
56. Samantha @ SRBS (INT) 115. Heather for Rebecca Sinclair (INT)
57. Mad @ RR@H Novel Thoughts (Int) 116. Annie Walls (INT)
58. Lee @shewolfreads (INT) 117. K. Williams M/M (INT)
59. Book Monster Reviews (INT) 118. Love To Read For Fun (US)


  1. What a generous giveaway, Nadja, and I love that banner. :)

    1. It's so nice to see you, Medeia! Sure hope all is going well! Thanks for stopping by, and I'll have to check out your blog, too. You always have such great giveaways going!

  2. Ooh, giveaways are fun! I won't enter yours since I already have your books, so I'll let other people have a chance to win your wonderful stories.

    I'm doing a giveaway in the near future, but I actually have to MAKE something (yeah, something crafty) before I can do it. :)

    1. A craft? Hmmm. Now I'm beyond interested... Like Raelyn's giveaways? She always has the most beautiful cards for her prizes! Too bad I can never win them. lol.

  3. I used to automatically say paranormal but lately I have been liking more and more generes...pretty much anything as long as it has romance in it. My first love will always be paranormal romance though.

    1. Love your name, btw...our daughter is Maria (although pronounced the usual way - Ma-ree-uh) Thanks so much for stopping by today, and best of luck! I enjoy most all sub-genres of romance.

      Happy Reading!

  4. I had no idea this blog hop was so big. LOL. When Cecile of "Smutty Hussy" asked me to contribute, I was only too happy to oblige.

    What a great community we have!

    1. I saw your post in my reader...ha! But I didn't read carefully, because then I'm scanning the names looking for you. When I went back and actually READ (instead of skimming - as I tend to do in my reader) I realized you had contributed. I'll have to hop over to Smutty-Hussy and enter!

  5. Ohhh paranormal Highlanders...now that's yummy. I tend to gravitate towards paranormal romances...I like my romances with a little bite to them.


    1. Yeah...Paranormal Highlanders...lol. That's exactly why I wrote them. I've encountered pleanty of swoon-worthy moments since..Ha! Glad to see you again!

  6. M/M is my favorite genre...


  7. paranormal romance is my favorite

    s2s2 at comcast dot net

  8. Paranormal is still my favorite; those strong shifters, the vampires who will do anything to protect the one they love.

    dsadler53 at yahoo dot ca

  9. I think I have all your books so not entering the giveaway. But wanted to stop by to curtsy and share a smile :-)

  10. I have read every kind of romance out there, but regency is my favorite. My next favorite is paranormal. Thanks for the giveaway!!


    1. Thank you, Mary, for stopping by! Best of luck in all the drawings - and Happy Reading this summer!

  11. Hi Nadja! I don't know if I'm too late? But still loved to visit! I so loved BARON and so glad i discovered your book browsing on Amazon and Goodreads!

    I have no idea what I do next for a hop LOL

  12. How can I pick just one genre/theme! I love the comfort of reading historicals, and lately they've been what I so want to read! I love them with paranormal too, like Regency Vamps or werewolves. I've been just going from Regency to Medieval to Victorian settings lately! Oh I love cowboys too! Been a while tho since I've read a historical west! Now you got me wanting to shop books again! LOL

    cathiecaffey @ gmail . com

    1. It's absolutely wonderful to see you around, Cathie! Sorry...I get myself all worked up to buy more books, too! :} I can't help myself. Ha. I always return to regency, too. But in truth, I love all romances. ♥

  13. Love highlanders in kilts. ;-)
    Deb P

    1. Oh! I've a sweet spot for Highlanders, too. lol. :}

  14. Ooh...I love m/m paranormal...mostly shifter/mates. There's just something about soulmates... :)

    1. Yes...it's so romantic. ♥ I enjoy that theme as well.

  15. That is a tough one--I am addicted to romance in all genres as long as the book ends HEA!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!! new follower!!. :) have a great day.

    1. So nice to meet you through the hop, Mariann! I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I love HEA too!

  16. I love historical romance, but have recently discovered paranormal and am loving it too!

  17. I love paranormal.. Thanks

  18. Paranormal always gets me, although a few regency ones have too. :)

  19. Ahhh, romance...it's got so many halls in it's great structure. Contemporary, inspy, sweet, racy, erotic, paranormal, regency, historical, ancient, western...Ha! Thanks everyone for stopping by!

  20. My favorite genre is erotic. Preferably contemporary or cowboys, but I'll read any genre.


  21. I like pretty much all of them, but paranormal is a particular fav.

  22. I liken paranormal romance types the best. I am a new follower too, you can find me at http://concisebookreviewsbymichelle.blogspot.com/

  23. I'll be sure to stop by, Michelle! Glad to meet you!

    Hey, do any of you know of a great romance with a Native American hero? Recommendations please!! :}

  24. my fav is paranormal romance....my fav series is JR Ward BDB


    1. Loved most of that series...Zsadist was my favorite brother! V and Whrath were good, too.

  25. I love Paranormal & Highlanders Romance!!!
    I love Karen Marie Moning Highlander Series and the fever series too.

  26. i love paranormal! :)


  27. paranormal is my favorite

    catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

  28. I love all of them, but my favorite would be paranormals :)
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  29. Wonderful prizes, Nadja, and your books look great!

  30. I like historical romances.
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  31. Thanks to everyone who stopped by over the Shameless Summer Giveaway! I will publish winners' names over the weekend and send them an email!

  32. thanks for the giveaway! It would have to be paranormal with lots of vampires. Gale pgan427@yahoo.com